Get your home a new owner by focusing on curb appeal

BY Allconnect | Tue Mar 10, 2015
Get your home a new owner by focusing on curb appeal

Sometimes the hardest part of the moving process is just trying to find someone to buy your current house. The best way to work around this potential problem is by turning your home into a eye-catching property that draws in potential buyers. Even if your home exterior is already in top shape, a few upgrades never hurt and could get your family into a new home even faster. Incorporate some of these tips into your moving preparation plans to boost your home's value and attract serious offers.

"Your home only gets one first impression."

Take a look at your home from the curb
The first place to start when enhancing your home's exterior is placing yourself in the shoes of potential buyers. Try taking in the view of your home from the sidewalk or, more realistically, with a quick glance from the driver's seat of your vehicle. Get a feel for what elements of your home stand out and identify spots that could use some sprucing. Alternatively, think about ways to draw attention to one of your home's most impressive features such as new roofing or a decorative hardwood door. Your home only gets one first impression – making that interaction positive for potential buyers is a smart way to get your home sold.

A new coat of paint goes a long way
Chipped, peeling paint is an instant turn off for those in the market for a new home, and can make your house seem older than it really is. A new coat of paint, on the other hand, is a beautifying upgrade that will turn heads as potential buyers pass your home. Style at Home noted that repainting provides homeowners with the best return on their investment when it comes to choosing a single upgrade for the exterior. Combined with additional home improvements, a new coat of paint can really help your home sell from the sidewalk.

Put away the pet stuff
While a good percentage of home buyers are also animal owners, those who don't care for animals also won't care for signs that they've been living in your home. The sight of pet toys, a dog-house or a "Beware of Dog" sign may be enough to sent a potential buyer in the opposite direction. Consider cleaning up signs of pet activity once your "For Sale" sign goes into the ground. HGTV warned that many home buyers assume that homes with pets are dirtier, making it doubly important to conceal dog bowls and other signs of pets from the outside.

Turn the yard into a selling point
Better Homes and Gardens emphasized that landscaping is a vital consideration when thinking about curb appeal. Thankfully, improvements made to the yard can be inexpensive and easy to implement. Picking weeds, for example, can be done for no costs and significantly improves your home's profile. Even a creative arrangement of potted plants can make your exterior more attractive and make your home stand out in the minds of curious buyers.

A few exterior upgrades will go along way toward getting you to moving day.A few exterior upgrades will go along way toward getting you to moving day.

Fresh windows provide good looks
Homeowners pay plenty of attention to windows when they evaluate a potential home. That's why improving these installations is an appropriate move when trying to boost curb appeal. New, multi-pane windows will also make the home more efficient – you'll be able to leverage this efficiency increase when negotiating price with potential buyers. In addition, the high performance of the new windows will help make your home more comfortable while you search for a buyer.

Highlight your renovations
Think about outdoor lighting once you've made all the necessary improvements to your exterior. Adding stylish light fixtures to the outside improves curb appeal by adding decoration and by making it easier for visitors see the home's finer details during the evening. Outdoor lighting also has several utility purposes, and the pragmatic benefits of these installations are just as likely to win over a potential buyer as their aesthetic value. Remember to make careful selections about where and how many lights you install. The right placement of lights will help you make your exterior more visible without the need to make a huge financial investment.

Plan for daily upkeep noted that neatness is a necessity when trying to sell your home. When it comes to your exterior, that may mean scheduling in time to perform upkeep on your yard on a daily basis. This attention to detail may seem like extra work, especially on top of logistical chores like setting up home security at the new house or scheduling visits from local cable and Internet providers. However, it's impossible to know when the right home buyer is going to stroll by your property. The best way to be prepared is to perform a bit of maintenance on your exterior each day.

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