Four Tips For Having The Best Possible Lighting In Your Home

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Dec 20, 2016
Four Tips For Having The Best Possible Lighting In Your Home

A surprising number of homeowners don’t give too much attention to the artificial light in their home. The goal is to not stumble about in the dark and to be able to read or do close-in work in comfort. People who move into apartments often have the lighting plan set out for them. There are fixtures in the middle of the ceilings, there are outlets that tell them where they can put a lamp.

People who own their own homes have more leeway when it comes to the lighting design in the rooms. However, before any fixture is bought it’s a good idea to bring in a professional electrician to wire the rooms, such as a person with an online masters degree in electrical engineering. Most laypeople don’t want to mess around with their electricity and for a good reason. An incorrectly installed electrical system can lead to a blow-out or worse. So they leave the wiring to the pros. Once you have found the best professionals for you take time to decide on lighting for each room. Here are 4 tips to help you get started.

Living Room

Public rooms like the living room should have layered lights. Ideally, the light should bounce of the ceiling, which would rule out sunken ceiling lights that drop the light into the room and create shadows. Accent lights can be up lights that are placed on the floor or adjustable track lights in the ceiling. Task lights are lamps placed on lamp tables to make reading and writing comfortable. All the lights in the living room can be controlled via a keypad with different settings. You could even add some type of fire pit or fireplace in your living room to add that extra touch of light and warmth.


The kitchen needs task and bright ambient light since it’s where people gather and where food is prepared. It’s important to make sure there’s good light in places where people are using knives or handling hot pots and pans. A kitchen should have at least one window that gets bright light. That light should be augmented with a central ceiling light or a light installed above the sink. Under cabinet lights that illuminate prep areas are also useful, especially since the central overhead light casts shadows.


Lighting the bathroom can be tricky. Many bathrooms come with a central light in the ceiling, but this might not be the best idea. These lights cast shadows on people as they shave or apply makeup in the mirror. The best thing is for the mirror to have Hollywood style lights around it. That way you can make sure you have the best possible lighting while putting on makeup or shaving your face.


Since the bedroom is for relaxing and reading, because of this lights should be placed beside the bed. Wall scones with adjustable arms can often be the best idea. If there’s a sconce on either side of the bed, they should work independently of each other, and the on/off switches should be easy to reach. A central ceiling light isn’t ideal, for its light can be harsh to someone lying in bed. A fireplace may also be a good thing to put in your bedroom. It can really help provide comfortable lighting and create a romantic atmosphere.

The ambiance of a room can be changed completely by its lighting scheme. Whether the homeowner wants to spring for dramatic architectural lighting in a large room or simply add a lamp to a bedside table, it’s always a good idea to make a room bright and welcoming.

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