Find Free & Green Moving Boxes

In the past, people have had two options when it comes to moving boxes: buying them from a moving company or scrounging them from local retail shops and grocery stores.

Today, there are many more options.

Green Moving Boxes

  • Rent a Green Box: This eco-friendly option allows homeowners to borrow reusable boxes made from 100% post-consumer trash mined from landfills
  • ZippGo delivers moving boxes made of 100% recycled plastic to your door before your move.
  • allows you to buy, well, used cardboard boxes. The boxes are inspected to ensure all boxes are sturdy; any boxes not deemed moving-worthy are recycled. The company offers free one- or two-day shipping so the boxes arrive quickly.

(If you’re looking to green your move beyond the boxes, My Plastic Free Life has a post about green boxes as well eco-friendly packing materials — such as an alternative to bubble wrap.)

Cheap Moving Boxes

  • also powers a site called, which allows people to post boxes that they are willing to give away.
  • You can search your local Freecycle Group or Craigslist — or post a “Wanted: Moving Boxes” message.
  • Check with local businesses: restaurants, wine stores and bookstores often have very sturdy boxes delivered daily.

As you plan your move, read some of our posts on moving for additional tips — and let us help you find a moving company. Once you’ve reached your new home, use this change of address form to change your address, and let Allconnect help transfer your essential home services.  You can also compare services available at your new address to make sure you are getting the best deal.  See tips to help you during your move.


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