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Exterior Furniture Design for Outdoor Parties & Events

When it comes to outdoor furniture, there are so many different styles to love and appreciate; it gets overwhelming to decide on just one. So instead of focusing on the furniture design, think about the type of entertaining you plan to do.  Whether it’s a mini family reunion for the in-laws or you’re a single lady who likes to get the gals together for a wine tasting- let your entertaining style dictate your furniture selection. The outdoor furniture options listed below are not only suitable for different outdoor parties and events but also work together for a year-round look.

Type of Party: Rustic Dinner Party

Best Furniture Design: Teak Rectangular Dining Table 

Janus et Cie, Appleton
Janus et Cie, Appleton

When we think of ‘rustic’ we think of wood furnishings. A rectangular teak dining table will set the stage for your next rustic dinner party. Choose the shape based on your family size or entertaining style. Make it a modern rustic look with chairs that match the table design, or opt for a more eclectic look with mismatched chairs. Whatever route you choose, the teak furniture design is a key element for the rustic look –when exposed to the elements, teak naturally turns a silvery gray over time for that perfect weathered look. Finish it off with some hanging lanterns.

Type of Party: Romantic Dinner for Two

Best Furniture Design: Round Dining Table and Slip Covered Chairs

Lee Industries
Lee Industries

If you prefer intimate evenings for two, then a round wooden dining table complimented by slip covered chairs provides an elegant, pleasing look. Slip covered chairs extend the comforts of your interior living area, while also offering an easy cleaning option. Combine these comforts with the outdoor elements such as stars and a soft breeze and the atmosphere is automatically transformed into something special and romantic.  Top off the table with groups of varying height candlesticks to set the mood. 

Type of Party: Family reunion

Best Furniture Design: Resin-Wicker Sectional

Summer Classics
Summer Classics

Getting the family together for some bonding? Whether it’s on a regular basis or a semi-annual reunion- a wicker sectional provides a warm, enclosed space convenient for conversation and catching up. Resin-wicker outdoor furniture designs are not only durable but set the stage for a stylish, relaxed atmosphere. Low cocktail and end tables that compliment the wicker furnishings provide placement for snacks and cocktails. Finish it off with outdoor pillows for an added comfort.

Type of Party: Pool party

Best Furniture Design: Chaise

Harbour Outdoor 
Harbour Outdoor

A deep sofa and chair set provides a comfortable place to lounge poolside. A deep seat creates a true lounging experience.  A low wide cocktail table provides a space for necessities like extra towels and sun block, leaving enough room for snacks. Add a chaise lounge to the space for a vacation feel and catch a tan.  Umbrellas are a great option for this setup- giving guests who would like to enjoy the poolside ambiance while avoiding the sun’s rays. An outdoor rug segments the space.

Type of Party: Garden Brunch or Tea Party

Best Furniture Design: Bistro Table and Chairs

Credit: thingsthatinspire.net 

A traditional French bistro style dining set is both charming and effortlessly chic and works in any garden. It looks particularly good on a gravel terrace or a shady nook. Wrought iron is the usual material used to construct these tables and its minor maintenance makes it an appealing option. The elegant curves of the table’s base give it an almost playful look reminiscent of childhood tea parties.  Folding chairs are a great option for storage or you can easily add more for additional guests.

Type of Party: Boho Chic Get Together

Best Furniture Design: Low Tables and Poufs


And for the simplest party x furniture design, you can pretty much transform any furniture layout for this look. This setup is perfect for gals who want to sip wine or fun cocktails and lounge around to catch up. All you need is an oversize low coffee table- big enough to sit around -ditch the chairs so the table becomes your main centerpiece. Layer rugs and excessive pillows around the table for floor seating and drape string lights around the area. Greenery adds to the Bohemian ambiance so stock up on succulents!

That wraps up the ‘entertainment X furniture’ scenarios. Although it is a roundabout way of considering an outdoor furniture purchase, it is a good way to open your eyes beyond your preferred style and incorporate your lifestyle.  So what’s your favorite entertaining style – and would you go with that furniture?

About the Author: Lili McIntire is the owner of Gardenology, a retail home decor and interior design boutique with two brick and mortar establishments in Southern California. Gardenology is a forerunner in the upscale outdoor market and has proven to be a forward-thinking leader in the home design arena.

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  1. Thanks for going over some different furniture design options for outdoor parties and whatnot. I like the idea of a rustic dinner party, especially if you should pick a dining table shape based on your entertaining style. It seems like you should see different options to know what will be the most beneficial to have in your space.

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