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BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Jul 14, 2015

Guest post by Yang Dongwen, CEO of Skyworth Group.

How good would life be if you had the features in your home that gave you more sense of security, and a lot of benefits to enjoy? Well, life is that good when you take advantage of smart home technology. You not only receive comfort, constant convenience, and energy efficiency at all times, but you receive these benefits regardless if anyone is inside of your home or not. Smart homes give you the opportunity to utilize the same benefits that personal computing and technology has been providing to people for the past 30 years. You not only save money, but you have the opportunity to save time and energy.

Fiction Turned into a Reality

Imagine coming home from a long day at work, and sitting on the couch. You are extremely tired, but you are not tired enough to go to bed; you want to enjoy your favorite television show, and a good meal. Instead of having to get up and turn the lights on or off, they automatically begin to dim – just the way you want them to. Just then, the television turns on, without you moving around to find the remote control. All of a sudden, you hear a “dinging” noise in the kitchen, so you get up to see what is going on. You see that your beverages are chilled just right, but the display on the outside of your refrigerator informs you that the food from yesterday may not be good to eat today. Before you have time to get upset about tonight’s meal, you tap a button on the display and your refrigerator goes to work for you, by dialing the number of your favorite restaurant. All you need to do is take your cell phone out of your pocket, and begin ordering takeout.

On your way back to the couch to relax, you receive a notification that the security system was not activated, but there is no need to worry; it has been done for you. That long day you had is suddenly getting a little better, and that is all thanks to the smart home features that you have installed. Domestic bliss is no longer fiction; it is a reality, a reality that you have the opportunity to actually enjoy. If you do not have these intelligent home automation features and networking systems, you are definitely missing out on the new wave of technology.

On-Demand Access

You may still be wondering what it is that you can actually control? The answer is: Almost everything. Some of those systems and features include:

  • Lighting
  • Climate
  • Telephone
  • Video
  • Data
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Amongst other lifestyle factors

The technology available for smart homes allows you and your family to run your home more effectively and efficiently, regardless if you are inside of your home, or away at work, on vacation, or out taking care of errands.

Safety and Energy Saving Features

Do not believe the myth that smart home technology is only for the individuals who want to “remote control” everything in their homes; this is not true. The truth is that most of the smart home features that are available allow you to keep your family safe, while saving water and energy in your home. An example is the cook-tops within your kitchen. Thanks to smart home technology, these cook-tops will only heat the metal once it comes within contact with the cook-top surface. This not only keeps your kitchen safe, but it means that less heat is being generated while you are cooking in the kitchen.

Another room in the house that you can keep safe and conserve resources within is your bathroom. You are able to control the temperature in your shower, along with the lighting, audio, spray, and steam, with the touch of a button. Do not worry about sharing your bathroom with other family members, because you all can set your favorite features. This allows every user to have their own, uninterrupted bathing routine.

The Joy of Automation

These are just some of the many features that you can enjoy. You can cool and heat your home the smart and safe way with smart home technology; you can also save water easily. This is good for your utility bill, and it preserves resources. Control the interior and exterior shades in your home with automation, which is available in every part of your house.

Consider testing out these features and boost your sense of safety, while saving time, energy, resources, and money.

Yang Dongwen, Executive Director and CEO of Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd. and CEO of Skyworth Group.

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