Enjoy your life a little more with a faster Internet connection

BY Allconnect | Fri Jun 12, 2015
Enjoy your life a little more with a faster Internet connection

The Internet is an incredible resource that helps users connect to the rest of the world. The online era has also changed the way your family gets the news, enjoys entertainment, does research for class and manages a busy schedule. That’s why it’s no surprise that Americans across the nation are moving toward faster Internet speeds. In fact, data collected by the Pew Research Center highlights the fact that 70 percent of Americans are currently hooked up to a broadband connection.

Technology marches on. Today, online media requires households to invest in increasingly faster Internet connections to keep up with the curve. In fact, your current Internet connection may already be too slow to stream the highest quality of video or play the latest online games. That’s why it makes sense to check your Internet speed and see if it’s time to contact your local High-Speed Internet service provider.

You can boost your Internet speed by kicking bandwith hogs off of your network.

Work from home with a reliable connection
It has become easier than ever to work from home, and faster Internet speeds have had a huge hand in inspiring this shift in the workplace. Voice-over-Internet-Protocol, for instance, has made it possible for remote employees to call into a meeting from nearly any location with a dedicated Internet connection – proximity to a phone line is no longer a necessity for those lucky enough to work from home. However, this flexibility depends on how reliable that Internet connection is.

If your service is too slow or experiences frequent bouts of speed throttling, it may be more difficult to consistently send reports, reply to emails, access company files and attend meetings from the comfort of your living room. Investing in a more robust Internet connection could be passed off as a business expense if you work primarily from home.

Stay in touch with out-of-state relatives
Between long-distance phone bills and busy schedules, keeping in touch with out of state relatives can be extremely difficult. It may even be a challenge to stay in regular contact with friends that live in the same state. Thankfully, voice chat clients are widely available online and make it simple to enjoy face-to-face conversations with loved ones via a computer, mic and camera.

Unlike simple chat programs, however, maintaining a two-way video stream eats up a healthy amount of bandwidth. If you routinely communicate with others using  online applications, then you might want to consider an Internet connection that can handle data flow.

Make the research process more efficient
The Internet makes it a cinch for you and your family to look up data and facts covering a near limitless range of topics – a perfect tool for students. Your current connection won’t’ have any trouble accessing documents and encyclopedia articles, but may stumble when it comes to high-resolution photos and educational documentaries shot in 4K. Investing in a speedier connection is also an investment in your kids, as unfettered Internet access has become increasingly necessary in classrooms.

“Your Internet connection may already be too slow for high-end media.”

Keep gamers happy and connected
Online gaming is more popular than ever, and there’s a good chance that at least one member of your household might be interested in taking his or her favorite console experience online. Likewise, computer gamers who thrive on massive multiplayer titles depend on a steady Internet connection to enjoy a weekend with their friends online.

Consider your High-Speed provider’s upgrade options as a potential gift for your game-loving family members. The rest of the home will get a bigger share of the bandwidth as well, improving performance when multiple devices are online simultaneously. Consider testing your home’s Internet connection today by take advantage of speed tests provided by Internet metric firms like Ookla.

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