Enhance the Safety of Your Home by Adopting Simple Measures

BY contributor | Tue Jan 21, 2014

As a homeowner, the security of your home is of utmost importance to you. Your home may have various expensive items that you have bought by spending your hard earned money. Protecting those precious items from burglars and thieves is a must for you. Technological advancement has led to the invention of various home security systems that extremely effective in keeping burglars away from your home. When you are making your home safe and secure, you are also enhancing its value, since no one likes to live in an unsafe home.

Here are some simple measures you can take to increase the safety and security of your home.


Attach a “barking dog monitor” in the main entrance doors of your home. Secure the system to the walls nearby the doors with the help of screws. Switch it on and do the programming as per the given instructions. This alarm emits the sound of a barking dog, whenever anyone comes near your door. The alarm is programmed in such a way that it makes the noise whenever it senses someone within a certain distance to the doors. Consider installing double-cylinder locks to the doors, instead of the simple deadbolts, since double-cylinder locks are more secure comparatively.


Windows are quite commonly used by burglars seeking entry into homes. Window locks should be installed on every sliding door and window in your home, and vibration alarms should be placed on the glass. Such systems prevent burglars from opening or pulling the doors or windows. If the thieves knock or break a window, the alarm would start making a sound.


Thieves can easily enter homes which possess a large hiding area outside. Minimize the bushes and shrubs around your home as these are the places thieves usually hide in. Consider installing a “motion detector floodlight” near the front door of your home. Such a light illuminates anyone who walks in your driveway at evening and night. This would scare off burglars and thieves trying to seek entry to your home in the night hours.


Room surveillance can be done easily and in an inexpensive way with the help of the tools available in your PC or laptop. Room surveillance is quite effective way of securing your home, especially if some people are living in your home other than your family members, or you are living with a roommate whom you are suspecting for stealing your things. You can download and install home surveillance software in your PC or laptop. Place the laptop such that it faces the room you intend to view. Laptop should be secured to an object using a laptop lock, to safeguard it from being stolen. The program of the software can be set to run only when a person walks into your room. You can also run it continuously to carry out a continuous monitoring of your room. The recording can be watched later.


These are the most effective ways you can increase the safety of your home. These ways are simple and cost effective too. These ideas are worth considering, for protecting the precious items of your home from thieves and burglars.

Summary:  Protection of home from thieves and burglars is quite important to every homeowner. You can secure your home by incorporating some simple home security systems.

Author’s Bio: Mary James is a proficient guest blogger penning down articles on Home Security. She also writes on Odour Control Systems and contributes to the website www.safe-series.com.au. Her articles are a good source of information for the readers.

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