Furoshiki: Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki, Furoshiki wrapping, gift wrap, how to save money on gift wrap, eco-friendly during the holidays, saving money on christmas paper, how to furoshiki, staying green during the holidays, saving money on wrapping paper, recycling wrapping paper, gift wrapTired of spending money on wrapping paper only to feel guilty about sending it to the landfill?

You’re not alone. Enter a renewed interest in furoshiki, the Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts with colorful squares of fabric (which can be reused for wrapping or other purposes).

To promote this return to the old — and eco-friendly — tradition, the Japanese government has posted How to Furoshiki, easy-to-follow diagram instructions for several different wraps.

RecycleNow and  GreenUpgrader have posted video tutorials, which give you a better idea how your furoshiki-wrapped gifts will look.

According to UseLessStuff.com, “Americans generate an average of 25 percent more waste in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s – that’s 5 million additional tons of garbage.”

A significant portion of that garbage is wrapping paper. Other ideas for reducing the amount of wrapping paper you send to the landfill:

  • Reuse gift bags that were used to give you gifts.
  • Skip the tissue paper.
  • Use the comics.
  • Use paper bags from the grocery store. (Kids love to decorate the drab packages!)
  • Use magazines you have on hand.  How About Orange has instructions on making beautiful gift bows from magazine pages.
  • Use biodegradable wrapping paper with embedded seeds. The gift recipient can plant the paper and watch the flowers grow.