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Don’t Drive Your Carbon Footprint Through the Roof

You probably hear a lot about your carbon footprint, but it’s a difficult thing to actually determine. The carbon footprint is how much carbon, mostly carbon dioxide, is produced due to the human consumption of fossil fuels, over a certain time frame. Therefore, how we live contributes to this footprint — what we eat, buy, drive, and live in are all factors. Reducing that footprint is important because carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming.

Your carbon footprint specifically relates to your consumption of fossil fuels. That means the carbon you put out by breathing doesn’t count, but there are plenty of things in your life that do! One of the biggest contributors for most Americans is, of course, their car. Check out different ways to cut down on it.

Get the Most Gas Mileage

Gas mileage should be a major consideration when purchasing a car. Today’s cars get more miles per gallon (MPG) than ever before, but some brands are consistently better than others.

If shopping for a new car isn’t in the plans, though, there are plenty of things you can do to maximize your MPG. Simple things like driving the speed limit, using cruise control, and keeping your tires properly inflated are just a few ways you can reduce your carbon emissions on the road. Don’t feel limited — there are plenty of other options!

Reduce Wind Resistance

Cutting down on wind resistance is a great option to give your car a bit of a boost. It helps with gas mileage, but it also helps your car to move more easily. The less drag on the car, the less engine power you need to maintain speed. That helps your car to last longer, increases gas mileage and lets you cut down on your current and future car’s carbon footprints!

No matter what path you take, cutting down on your carbon footprint is a good thing for yourself and for the environment. Take whatever steps you can to work on it, but starting with your car is pretty simple. There are many options, so there’s no reason not to do it.

Share the Ride

When you can, share the ride. Carpooling is actually an awesome option for a few different reasons. Of course, a couple of the biggest benefits are that you don’t have to drive every day and you can meet new people. You can also try ridesharing, which is a new concept where you get paid provide others transportation.

Rent out your car, drive others around, or borrow someone else’s car when the need arises. Nothing cuts your car’s footprint like only using it when you really need it. Plus, options like Lyft or Uber are simple ways to make a little extra cash — cash you could potentially spend on other things that could lower your carbon footprint, like new tires.

Consider other Transportation Methods

If you have the option of taking public transport, it is by far the easiest option. Again, you don’t have to do the daily driving, and whatever public transport is running is going to operate with or without you. By riding along, you’re taking one extra car off the road.

Many cities offer busses that have bicycle racks as well so residents can forgo driving all together. They can simply bike places and take their bike on the bus with them to cover longer distances with ease.

There are many options for drivers to making commuting a little greener. Follow any of these steps to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s as simple as cutting down on your fossil fuels, saving some money and getting your friends involved. The planet will thank you.

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