Dodgy Deliveries – How to Spot Substandard Moving Firms

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Nov 22, 2013

The good news about moving firms these days is that it is actually very hard to come across a dodgy example. The vast majority play by the book and will do all they can to ensure they outperform and undercut their rivals – the only way to get ahead in 2013.

Sadly however, there are still one or two exceptions to the rule floating around and doing their bidding – with the web making it easy for scammers to do exactly that. From broken belongings to extortionate prices to abandoned jobs and so many other examples, negative elements cannot be eliminated from the industry altogether so you need to be on your toes.

Here’s a look at a few of the ways you can usually spot a dodgy moving firm and avoid making your move any more painful than it has to be:

Unprofessional Website

First up, never forget that when you are looking at the website of a business you should treat it as it was an actual physical store or office when it comes to assessing its value. This means that when you find a site that’s either littered with mistakes, set out poorly or is in any way unpleasant to get around it is usually a better idea to move elsewhere. This is the first impression they have to convey and you must ensure it is a positive one.

Reluctance to Quote

Some moving services seem to make it very difficult to find out exactly how much they plan to charge you. The reason for this is that they want you to make contact so they can begin their sales spiel and put you in a position where you cannot say no. As such, you should instead be looking for a service where quick-estimates at least are available via the websites and conclusive quotes are offered obligation-free.

The Hard-Sell

If you do find yourself speaking to a provider, never fall for their “One time only” or “only if you agree to the job right now” tactics – they are rubbish. All they’re doing is trying to snare you before your realize there are plenty of better options out there – pushy hard-sells are always red-flag warning signs to move on.

No Guarantees Offered

Next up, it is of huge importance never to sign up for any services unless they are willing to back everything they offer with a guarantee. Surely if they are proud of what they are doing this would come as standard, right? It’s just a case of common sense whereby those not happy to offer you a guarantee are probably not doing so for a very good reason…stay away!

Lack of Feedback

And last in this list comes feedback – a crucial point of consideration. Feedback is the only tool you have at your disposal to look into the performance of the firm in the eyes of real-world customers. They should be so proud of their feedback that they can’t wait to show it off – those hiding it on the other hand will usually be keeping the truth from you to lead you up the wrong path.

Guest post author: Lisa Morton recently took to blogging after an impressive collaboration with Hackworthy & Sons. She writes for several publications across the UK and in the US. Check out her Google+ Profile for more content.

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