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DIY Home Security: How to Save Money and Stay Safe

BY Allconnect | Thu Apr 04, 2013

DIY home securityGuest post by Jim Dalton.

In this time and age, one can easily purchase many modern safety features and transform his or her home into an impenetrable fortress. However, innovative burglar alarms and complex surveillance systems remain relatively expensive and therefore off-limits to many of us. Thankfully, that doesn’t automatically mean that there is nothing that we can do for our safety and security. In this article, I am going to give a brief overview of how one can make doors and windows much more secure without any large investments.

Securing Doors

The main area of focus that you should pay attention to is the deadbolt. Your regular one might be doing its job well, but rest assured that burglars will be able to get through in no time. Thankfully, there is an easy solution that you can implement on your own. Quite simply, replace the old deadbolt with a sturdier one.

The entire process is fairly straightforward and everyone who has done a few DIY projects already should have no problems with getting through. The most important question therefore is what deadbolt you should get.

Basically, you should not even look at the design and color of the deadbolt. Instead, focus on its grade, which is the number that shows how resilient the deadbolt is when it comes to strikes by hammers and other similar tools. Grade 3 is the worst one, grade 1 is the best one – and also the most expensive one. The advice is to focus on the upper range in grade 2 – those deadbolts are nearly as good as grade 1 deadbolts, but usually cost much less.

Once you get past the phase of upgrading your deadbolts, you can also consider changing the deadbolt strike plate and the lockset strike plate in order to do even more.

Securing Windows

When it comes to windows, there is a fairly modern option that you can use in order to strengthen them against both weather and forced entry. Perhaps you have already heard about it, perhaps not, but you can be sure that window security films are something that is very effective, yet fairly cheap.

Window films can be easily applied to your existing windows, so there is no need to make big changes – and the best thing about them is that you can save a big chunk of money by installing them yourself. The company you buy the product from should supply you with installation instructions, but if you prefer to see things visually, there are plenty of instructional videos available on YouTube (check this one, for example) as well.

Stay Safe – Cheaply!

As you can see, it is pretty easy to take the security of one’s doors and windows to a completely new level even without any huge spendings. Only few bucks and some basic DIY skills that are very easy to learn are needed. Of course, the security improvements that have been mentioned here aren’t going to be the best of them all and the most witty of burglars will find a way to get in, but the crucial thing to realize is that all bits of security count and that there are many completely unprotected homes out there, so burglars are much less likely to target those with added protection.

Author – Jim Dalton is a home security and safety expert and he contributes regularly posts on popular blogs about wireless home security systems and anything that has to do with the protection of homes.

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