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Sling and DISH customers lose Fox Sports networks amid contract dispute

Joe Supan

Aug 16, 2019 — 2 min read

Customers in 21 different markets just lost their regional sports networks. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options to replace them.

On July 26, Sling TV and DISH Network customers saw their local Fox Sports regional sports networks go dark.

DISH, which owns the popular live TV streaming service Sling, failed to reach a new agreement with Fox Sports as its old deal expired. As is customary, both sides immediately blamed each other in harshly-worded press releases.

“We are disappointed to inform you that despite our repeated efforts over the past several months, DISH and Sling refused to engage in any substantive discussions to reach a new agreement,” Fox Sports wrote on its newly formed website, Keepmyhometeams.com.

Of course, DISH has a slightly different take. “To keep our commitment in providing the best value, we are done being bullied into unfair programming deals that don’t make sense for our customers…Right now, costs for TV sports rights in America are the worst deal going and the only winners are the sports broadcasters, like FOX Regional Sports Networks.”

As on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu gain popularity, sports are one of the few types of TV that still have to be viewed live. And no channels are more important to sports fans than the regional sports networks that play their local teams. Fortunately for Sling and DISH customers, they have plenty of options.

Here are the markets that lost Fox Sports on DISH and Sling

Sling TV and DISH Network each lost 21 different Fox Sports channels covering 46 MLB, NBA and NHL teams in total. If you see one of your local teams on this list, they’re no longer available through Sling or DISH.

Where to find Fox Sports on other streaming services

Fortunately, plenty of other streaming services and TV providers carry Fox Sports’ regional sports networks.

If you want to catch your MLB team’s games during their playoff push or make sure you’re set before the NBA and NHL seasons begin, these streaming services will have you covered.

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