What’s in a name? AT&T is hoping quite a bit, apparently. 

The company recently announced that their signature streaming service, DIRECTV NOW, will be reintroduced as AT&T TV NOW. Few details have emerged about the re-branding, but it appears that, aside from the name update, the service will essentially remain the same.

Here’s what we know about the DIRECTV NOW shift to AT&T TV NOW, for now, at least.

Why the change from DIRECTV NOW to AT&T NOW?

AT&T is aiming to streamline their streaming services. That’s right, there’s another AT&T streaming service, AT&T TV, currently piloting in select markets. There’s also the AT&T U-verse app that lets customers stream AT&T U-verse TV content, and the DIRECTV app that lets customers stream DIRECTV content. Oh, and don’t forget about DIRECTV NOW, er, AT&T TV NOW.

Consolidating all or some of these services into a single app, AT&T TV, makes sense for AT&T. Rebranding their DIRECTV NOW service to AT&T TV NOW may be one of their first steps toward consolidation.

Of course, this may also be a convenient way for AT&T to distance themselves from “DIRECTV NOW,” which lost 168,000 subscribers in Q2 2019, more than double the 83,000 that dropped the service in Q1 (but still lower than the 267,000 lost in Q4 2019). The shift to AT&T TV NOW may serve as a much-needed rebrand to move away from any negative publicity the DIRECTV NOW name garnered as a result of recent service and pricing changes.

What does this mean for new customers?

AT&T announced they will have the “same great channel lineups,” so it doesn’t seem that there will be any difference between signing up for DIRECTV NOW today, or AT&T TV NOW after the name change happens.

What does this mean for current DIRECTV NOW customers?

AT&T assured DIRECTV NOW customers that their service will “continue without a hiccup.” The DIRECTV NOW app should automatically update to the new (and improved?) version, AT&T TV. Current DIRECTV NOW customers may be required to sign a new terms and conditions agreement, but other than that, they can expect service as usual.

DIRECTV NOW customers who use their service credentials to stream on network apps, like HBO Go or Fox Sports, can also expect a seamless transition. Customers who are already signed in to these services should notice no changes. If not signed in, customers should select “AT&T TV” as their provider as “DIRECTV NOW” will no longer be an option.

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