cut your cable bill

How to Cut Your Cable Bill With a Skinny Bundle

How to Cut Your Cable Bill


Millions of subscribers are questioning what to do with their cable. They don’t want to cut the cord entirely, but they also hate paying those premium subscription prices for channels they don’t watch. The average U.S. consumer spends as much as $125 a month to watch just 17 channels. Want to know one of the best ways to cut your cable bill? Skinny bundles.

Have you researched whether your cable provider offers skinny bundles? These cable packages deliver popular content with none of the frills or the sky-high price tag in order to help you cut your cable bill. Many providers also allow subscribers to customize their basic packages with specialty add-on channels for only a few extra bucks a month.

If your cable package feels a little flabby, it’s time to shop for skinny bundles. Allconnect consolidates prices from cable and internet providers in your area so you can easily find out who’s offering the best deal in town.

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