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Get the skinny on how to cut your cable bill with a skinny bundle

BY Nicole George | Thu Jul 19, 2018
Get the skinny on how to cut your cable bill with a skinny bundle

Not interested in getting hundreds of channels when you only watch ten? We get it. It’s time to cut your cable bill. Luckily, we’ve found a great way to trim the fat from your TV bundle and cut your cable costs.

How to Cut Your Cable Bill

If you’re questioning what to do to cut your cable bill, you’re not alone. Millions of subscribers struggle with the ongoing battle of not wanting to “cut the cord” entirely while looking for ways to cut home entertainment expenses.Check out our best recommendation to get the most from your TV subscription.

Cut the cord to cut your cable bill

If you want to cut the cord, think again. This term refers to ditching your cable or satellite TV subscription in favor of a cheaper TV-streaming alternative like Netflix or Hulu. At first, the price comparison seems appealing. The average U.S. consumer spends as much as $125 a month to watch just 17 channels.

However, cable TV provides live TV that streaming services just can’t match. Local news channels, live sports games and watching episodes of your favorite show when they originally air – these are the easiest ways to stay connected to current events and TV gossip with your BFFs. Plus, keeping your traditional cable TV plan will mean keeping that cable TV reliability.

Nothing is worse than streaming a sports game or a movie and waiting for internet to buffer and load.

Pay for what you really need

So what is the solution to cutting the cord on cable TV? It’s easy. Don’t pay for the premium subscription if you’re not a premium user. Instead, save money and cut your cable bill with a skinny bundle.

What is a skinny cable bundle?

Skinny cable bundles are TV packages that are typically $40 or less per month. Skinny cable packages can be classified as a streaming service, a customized cable TV package or a combination of both options.

Skinny cable bundle options

There are plenty of cable TV packages that deliver popular content with none of the frills. Many TV providers also allow subscribers to customize their basic packages with specialty add-on channels for only a few extra bucks a month.

Check with your TV provider to see if they offer skinny bundles instead of the bloated cable packages with hundreds of channels. For instance, AT&T announced in June 2018 that they’re going to offer a skinny, non-sports cable package for the affordable price of $15 per month. DIRECTV also offers a skinny streaming service, DIRECTV NOW, that lets you pick one of 5 custom channel packages. Two of the packages are less than $50 per month!

You can pair a custom, skinny TV package with AT&T internet service or AT&T wireless to get a great deal. Even Verizon Fios has been offering custom, skinny bundles since 2015, although they’re a little pricier than other skinny cable packages.   New skinny bundles help you cut your cable bill without cutting family entertainment and your favorite shows.

Compare with Allconnect

Allconnect consolidates prices from cable and internet providers in your area so you can easily find out who’s offering the best deal on skinny bundles. Get the best of both worlds – affordability and reliability—in a skinny bundle of home entertainment services from your TV provider.

Last updated 07/19/18.
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