A complete guide to a connected man cave or she shed

Virginia Brown
Virginia Brown

Mar 3, 2020 — 4 min read

Ideas and accessories to help you build the ultimate respite.

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They come in many shapes and sizes, in basements, above-the-garage spaces, really any private nook. Man caves and she sheds give us the space to enjoy time with our friends or a little peace and quiet at the end of a long day. And that’s the beauty of it: You decide the makeup. Given the space in your home and what you have to work with, you might have to be creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Consider the style and function of the room

If you’re going for a quiet, lounge-style nook you’ll choose different accessories than for a large sports entertaining center, music room for your band or movie theater, for example. 

Once you’ve decided what you really want, you can get to work digging for the best options out there to help fit your vibe. Do you like the industrial feel? Throwback to another era? Sports-themed? Pool-side cabana? Crafting nook? The great thing is, this is your room, so there are no wrong answers. But starting with a rough framework is a good idea. 

Get your TV game right

From Sunday football to all your favorite flicks and more, a high-quality TV with great sound and picture is a non-negotiable for most caves or sheds. In the market for a new tube? Consider upgrading to 4K. Initially high-priced and obscure, 4K TVs are now available at most big-box stores where you’d find any electronics. 

And in the case of 4K, size matters. Since you really can’t tell the difference between HD and 4K on small screens, a size upgrade may be necessary. Most manufacturers sell 4K TVs in the 43- to 80-inch range. Be sure you look into hooking up to the ideal content you want, as well. Want to compare cable services? Shop for the best TV options near you.

Go the wireless speaker route 

Sonos Play: 5 Wireless Speaker comes as a two-room set, controlled simply by the Sonos app or with Apple AirPlay2. Build-in an Echo device and Alexa can help play your favorite music. 

Invest in a smart remote

If you already have a lot of smart devices and appliances, you might want something to control all of them, like the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control. This remote offers a full-color screen, swipe and tap navigation and can also operate your smart speaker.

Securing comfortable seating is a must

Few things are more satisfying at the end of the day than kicking up your feet and lounging in your trusty recliner. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining, make sure you consider sturdy, comfortable seating for guests, too. 

Theater-style seating is one option, if function is your goal:

Or, go all out and opt for high-tech seating, like this rocker gaming chair. The speakers built into the headrest are great for playing video games, watching movies and TV and listening to music. 

If this space will be your idea of a private oasis to catch up on your reading, think outside of the box and create an unusual, and space-saving, bookshelf like this unique chair below.

Assemble a bar for every size and budget 

Depending on your space and budget, go all out with a full bar setup or simply set aside a fund for a mini-fridge. Either way, you need a space to chill your beverages, especially while entertaining. 

This reclaimed wood, industrial-style bar can be found on Etsy. 

Not in the market for that level of a bar setup? Opt for a rolling barrel bar, like this one from Orvis:

If you prefer some wine in your space, try this small wine cooler from Strata Home.

Go for a game or pool table

What’s a personal space without a place to set up a friendly game of poker or pool? Find one that plays into your theme or personal style. Etsy has a lot of options including this guitar table, for music lovers:

Pool tables range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand. Short on space? Opt for a portable, fold-away table, like this six-footer from Hathaway Fairmont:

Feeling crafty? Check out this crafts table available at Walmart. This is also the perfect project for a DIY lover. Reclaim an old desk or rolling kitchen island, add some paint and drawer baskets and start crafting in your shed.

Look for some other bright ideas

Keep your room as free from those pesky wires as possible and invest in a few table-top lamps with charger stations, which allow you to keep your tablets, phones and more charged up and ready to go. Check out this one at LUX.

Other lighting options include bourbon or vintage bottles, antique cars or vintage VHS tapes, if you’re going for a retro movie-room feel. 

Remember, this is YOUR space, so put your style and preferences in play and don’t be afraid to create the ultimate cave or shed that becomes your happy place. And if you need more tips and pointers, be sure to bookmark our Resource Center or stay connected to our experts on Twitter and Facebook.