Countdown the weeks till your move-in with this essential packing checklist

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Nov 18, 2015
Countdown the weeks till your move-in with this essential packing checklist


Families that waited for the fall and winter seasons to plan their home moves actually made a prudent choice. According to the National Association of Realtors, mover availability was predicted to be at its tightest in spring and summer, suggesting that labor will be more cost-effective and flexible if hired before the end of the year. Finding cheap movers, however, is just a small piece of the larger puzzle that is moving from one home to another.

How you organize your move and use your time will have a big impact on your stress levels during the move. Breaking up the many tasks associated with moving into chunks will help ensure the entire endeavor continues to move forward, even if the scope of the entire project becomes a bit overwhelming at times. The following scheduling suggestions make a great outline of many considerations you must face when undergoing a complicated move.

“How you organize your home will have a big impact on your moving process.”

7 to 8 weeks before your move
With two months to go before your moving date and a long list of chores to take care of, it’s easy to procrastinate. However, there are quite a few tasks that are better performed as early on as possible. If your next move date has already been selected and you haven’t yet begun preparing for the move, consider the two month mark as your official starting point.

Leaving your home in poor shape won’t endear you to your realtor or the new occupants of your home. In fact, forgoing a cleanup of your mess could incur you with extra costs down the line. That’s why it makes sense to do a full evaluation of all the repairs needed around the home and plan out a schedule as early on as possible. The two month mark is also a good time for parents to start researching schools and daycare options located in their new neighborhoods.

5 to 6 weeks before your move
Your activity level should shift into the next gear as you close in on a month until moving day. A top concern is organizing the logistics of labor. Your mover should be selected and a contract signed before you get too far into the moving process. Likewise, your home should be ready for a realtor’s open house about a month and a half before move-in as well.

Once your moving team has been assembled, there’s still plenty of planning and paperwork to complete before you swap one living space for another. In terms of planning the move, you can make your life easier by devoting a week to performing a complete inventory of every item inside your home. This list will simplify the prospect of packing and shedding excess belongings into a far more manageable chore. With regards to paperwork, it will take time to get your family set up with a new health professionals if you are making a move to another city. Take this time to set up any necessary doctor’s appointments and dentists visits.

3 to 4 weeks before your move
Utility management is an important part of the moving process that deserves your attention once the move-in date is just a month away. Television, cable, high-speed Internet and natural gas must be set up at your new location and your current utilities must be canceled at your current homestead. This process can take a bit of time, according to HGTV, so be sure to give yourself at least a month to get it all done. Using a service that streamlines this process might not be a bad idea if you feel you’d like to dedicate that energy to another task.

Once this final bit of external logistics is complete, you’ll want to turn the final three weeks of preparation toward packing your home and preparing for the rigors of moving day. Getting your car serviced, for example, is one way to ensure that there are no unexpected holdups during your moving process.

Packing smart means packing fast.

1 to 2 weeks before your move
The final two weeks prior to move-in will be hectic, but there will be visible light at the end of the tunnel. During this time period, you’ll have to find time to pack up everything in the house in an organized manner that eases unpacking efforts down the road. Getting in touch with utilities, movers and realtors to double-check times and dates is a timely strategy with your big moving day just around the corner.

As two weeks become one, you may want to attempt a few trial visits to your new home to get more familiar with the route. Likewise, spending a bit of time in your new neighborhood will give you an idea of where important resources like grocery stores, hardware outlets and your favorite restaurants are located. Otherwise, just try to relax over the last few days before your move. A thorough plan will take quite a bit of heavy lifting out of the endeavor.

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