Cord-cutting? Survey Says More like Cord Bundling [Video]

Don’t believe everything you see on TV – or everything you hear about TV either. Although it’s true more people than ever are signing up for on-demand video streaming from companies like Netflix and Hulu, these services are not replacing cable. For now, they’re just joining the viewing party. Meaning, less people are cord-cutting and more people are cord-bundling.

A recent survey of European and North American pay TV subscribers found that the number of people combining cable with subscription streaming services grew from twenty-four percent to forty percent in the last year and a half. Today, three in ten pay TV subscribers don’t have streaming video on demand in their homes.

So instead of cord-cutting and choosing one or the other, cable or streaming, visit to find a great deal on both cable and internet bundles in your area.

That way, you spend less and get more. Thanks for watching. Be sure to tune in next time.

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