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If you live far from family and friends, how do you help your kids create memories with grandparents and cousins?  While the Internet may preoccupy our teenagers, it could also be a key to connecting generations. Try getting the kids to play games with far flung relatives by connecting your Wii to the internet.

No matter where they live, get family together for a long-distance game of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games or any of the 70+ wi-fi compatible Wii games. There are also 120+ wi-fi compatible Nintendo DS games.

The Wii web site has an easy tutorial to help you connect your Wii to the Internet. And the Nintendo web site walks you through connecting your Nintendo DS, DSi or DS Lite to the Internet.

If you have trouble with a particular game, you can find additional support for some games at the Wii web site.

Make sure you visit the Parents section of the Nintendo web site to learn about parental controls for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

Not all Wii games are wi-fi compatible. Look for the wi-fi logo on the box covers.

How Stuff Works has an in-depth article about all things Wii, including a section about Wii Internet. In addition to playing games long-distance, hooking your Wii to the Internet will allow you to:

• Browse the Internet on your TV

• Get the Nintendo Channel

• Download WiiWare games

• Download classic video games like Super Mario Bros. 3

If you need a high-speed Internet connection or just looking for the best price, Allconnect can help you compare services available in your area.

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