Connected homes offer plenty of new conveniences for families

BY Allconnect | Mon May 04, 2015
Connected homes offer plenty of new conveniences for families

Consumers and manufacturers alike have fallen for the Internet of Things. Since the beginning of 2015, more and more devices have debuted with the ability to “talk” to other devices via a high speed Internet connection. Homeowners have taken a liking to this device trend, adopted IoT appliances in large numbers and already begun integrating the new technology into their homes. As a result, there are more opportunities around the house for families to achieve greater efficiency by taking advantage of the fact that their appliances can communicate. The more connected a household becomes, the more functionality homeowners can create by programming interactions between appliances.

Put a lock on your home with security apps
One of the most practical benefits of having a connected home is the ability to control various points and appliances in your house remotely. Specifically, these controls are made easily accessible via an application downloaded onto a homeowner’s smartphone. IoT-capable garage door openers, door knobs and dead bolts make it easier to keep track of just how vulnerable your home is to an intrusion. In scenarios where a door goes unlocked or the garage door gets left unclosed, the power of IoT technology makes it easy for you to secure your house with a few button pushes on your phone.

“Homeowners can create new functionalities by connecting their appliances.”

Local security providers have wised up to the growing popularity of Internet of Things technology and are now offering their own solutions for homeowners looking to enjoy a connected life. Modern security platforms commonly double as automation hubs as well, providing an additional means of organizing and programming the IoT capable devices inside your household. Making your home more connected via a security provider is a quick and easy way to automate the household, but your family risks losing access to devices that are critical to your home’s IoT connections if you move or change your security provider.

Your smartphone is perfect for home monitoring
One element of security that families can enhance via a connected home is exit and entry control. The same type of connected, Internet of Things technology can be used to keep a close eye on your home’s interiors as well, according to Freshome. IoT security cameras, for example, can stream a live feed of your house directly to your smartphone via the high speed Internet connection delivered by your cable provider. This feature is a boon for families checking up on a new babysitter or simply giving their residence a quick safety inspection while the family is on vacation.

Speaking of vacations, homeowners can take advantage of the same features to protect their houses from being targeted during long trips. Connecting appliances also makes it easy to program them on daily or weekly schedules, so setting your IoT capable lights to turn on and off throughout the day to simulate the presence of your family would be a simple task.

IoT capability helps homeowners to live easier and see cheaper utility bills.IoT capability helps homeowners to live easier and see cheaper utility bills.

Rise and shine with programmable lighting
Programmable IoT lighting does more than fake-out potential home invaders while your family goes on holiday. In addition to reducing electricity waste by programming lights to turn off your family members are out of the house, a connected home with IoT bulbs can help streamline your daily routine. Setting lights in the house to flip on around the same time your alarm goes off in the morning, for instance, is a way of to ensure you get out of bed at a reasonable time each morning. You could also connect lights to motion detectors in the dark, making it easier to illuminate rooms with hard to reach switches. This set up would be ideal for storage closets and crawl spaces.

A community of thermostats boosts efficiency
A single automated thermostat can offer value to your house by only activating when programmed to do so by the family. This homeowner strategy will protect your home from energy waste via heating and cooling appliances. Adding multiple, IoT capable thermostats can refine temperature control in the residence even further, said the Residential Energy Services Network. Whole-house monitoring occurs when strategically distributed thermostats communicate with one another regarding slight temperature fluctuations throughout the home. As a result, the house’s HVAC systems are better able to warm or cool the home efficiently.

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