The Cleanest Breath You’ll Ever Take: 3 Smart Air Purifiers to Refresh a Room

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Apr 06, 2016
The Cleanest Breath You’ll Ever Take: 3 Smart Air Purifiers to Refresh a Room

Pause for a second and think about the life of that breath you just took. Where did that air come from? Where was it last before it entered your lungs? Just how “clean” do you think it is?

According to home expert Evette Rios, “On average, people take 21,600 breaths a day, but rarely think about what they’re breathing.” And maybe you’re assuming that the air inside your home is cleaner, tucked away from everything floating around outside, but studies have shown quite the opposite. As Rios goes on to inform us, via the EPA, “Indoor air can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.” Airborne particles, like pollen and dust, can enter the home from outside and remain trapped indoors; or internal pollutants can result from cooking, cleaning, painting, and other everyday activities – dirtying the air all around you. But with the aid of air purifiers, you can refresh any room and breathe easy inside once again.

Welcome to the Land of Happy Lungs

Air purifiers are interesting devices because they exist on this odd island of somehow being “more than electronic gadgets, yet they aren’t considered as medical devices” by the FDA, as the New York Times informs us. Nevertheless, for every allergy sufferer feeling the pain of the pollen, air purifiers can make a huge improvement on your respiratory health, as well as that of every bodily system associated with it. And we like the way you respire, so let’s keep it that way, shall we?

In the name of good health, we’ve selected 3 noteworthy, air-purifying devices that’ll both bring you relief and usher you to the land of the happy lungs – right inside your own room.

coway smart air purifier
Coway AP-1012GH Smart Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Squatting in the corner at about 1ft. tall and 2ft. wide, this 7 lb. little box will one day save your respiratory system. Using a 4-stage filtration system – with a Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter, Air Ionizer, and a True HEPA filter – the Coway Smart Air Purifier cleans the allergens, dust, smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, odors, and other impurities at size 0.3 microns or larger out of 99.97% of indoor air. (For the sake of comparison, the median diameter of a dust speck is said to be around 10 microns.) And if you follow the guidelines for taking care of the device and swapping out the filters as recommended (the odor filter has a life of about 1 year, and the HEPA filter about 3 years), then it’ll keep the air currents clean for many days to come.

This air purifier is perfect for medium-sized rooms upwards of 256 sq. ft., and it proudly bears the AHAM Verifide Seal. And when it comes to air purifiers, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) approval is the gold standard for trustworthy numbers found in devices’ product specifications.

But, perhaps most impressively, the Coway’s smart, particle-sensing technology is so advanced and responsive that it instantly recognizes and eliminates dangerous pollutants by accelerating the intake of air through its filtration chambers. In fact, it’s such a sensitive system – in the best of ways – that folks who own the Coway have recounted stories in their reviews of how, if the cat or dog even just walks on by, the sensor picks it up, the light kicks on, and the device gets to work scrubbing the dander and hair from the air.

honeywell air genius 5
Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer

Showing  up on the scene with a name as sleek as its design, the Honeywell AirGenius5 looks just as good as it cleans. Not only does this 20lb. air purifier capture up to 99.9% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns with its statically-charged ifD filter – as well as freshen indoor air by absorbing odors in large rooms up to 250 sq. ft. –  but it also boasts a number of smart and sweet features.

To highlight some of them here: the AirGenius5 showcases an easy-tap user interface control system, offers optional oscillation and a 2-to-12 hour auto-off timer, looks lustrous with accent lighting (with high, low, and off settings), is even ENERGY STAR rated (meaning it won’t drive up your electricity service bill), and has a permanent, washable honeycomb-style primary filter that you don’t need to replace like in most other purifiers. Honeywell says it doesn’t restrict airflow like paper filters do, allowing for quieter operation while still capturing almost every irritating particle.

And as if all that weren’t enough, the air purifier goes to work with 5 different allergen and germ intelligence settings, taking the guesswork out of how to most effectively clean the air in your home. You can choose from SLEEP (for almost-silent operation), GERM (for cold and flu season), GENERAL Cleaning (for everyday purifying), ALLERGEN (for peak allergen season), and MAX (for supreme cleaning power), depending upon your air-cleaning needs and the time of year that ails you the most.

Smart Wifi Enabled Wemo Air Purifier
Holmes Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo True-HEPA Premium Air Purifier, WAP532

Standing in at 30in. tall and 16lbs. hefty, this tower pulls in air through the front and expels it through the back, meaning you have to give it about a foot of clearance from the wall for the greatest effectiveness. But this smart Holmes WAP532 Air Purifier uses WeMo home automation technology to keep the air in your home clean and pure for you and your family – no matter where you are – since you can control it manually, or from anywhere using your smart device. Once you’ve downloaded the free WeMo app, you can set a weekly schedule, receive updated air-quality statuses, be informed as to when to adjust settings, and get filter re-order notifications. And with programs such as IFTTT adding more possibilities, the WeMo capabilities are becoming ever easier to integrate with other companies’ security and home-automation devices.

But this air purifier is just as smart as it is a dedicated workhorse, and it even gives you different choices on how to saddle it up. There are several options and configurations for filter cartridges on this unit, and since it uses 2 filters at once, you can use different types at the same time. It’s compatible with the Allergen Remover filter (True HEPA technology, captures particles as small as .3 microns), the Total Air filter (99% HEPA-type, removes pollutants as small as .2 microns), the Odor Eliminator filter (10 times the odor-fighting power), the Smoke Grabber filter (HEPA-type filtration removes up to 99% of smoke and pollutants, odors, and VOCs), and the Carbon Booster filter (powerfully enhances the above filters to help eliminate household odors). And as a result, you can tailor the type of air purification you need most to enjoy every breath inside your home.

As the professionals over at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology tell us, “allergic rhinitis affects between 10% and 30% of all adults and 40% of children,” meaning that a sizable portion of the population is suffering – constantly – from the inability to enjoy a full breath. But with these air purifiers, you can wake up far less stuffed up, knowing that the air in your room has already passed a thorough background check – and has come out clean – before it ever even had the chance to enter your lungs.

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