Check out the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets

BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Jan 14, 2016
Check out the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets

Truly modern kitchens don’t just have open floor plans and high ceilings. New appliances and tools are being developed every day that can make your home look and feel as spectacular and cutting-edge as possible.

According to Forbes, new gadgets are helpful for homeowners and the smart kitchen is incredibly trendy right now, and recently the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas previewed some of the newest and most spectacular devices being developed. Tech upgrades from charging stations to fully connected devices figure to be popular this year and beyond, and they come with a number of fun and handy uses.

Here are some of the sleekest, most modern kitchen appliances available for homeowners:

Smart ovens
One of the biggest updates to kitchen standards like the oven or fridge is an ability to control these devices using a smartphone or tablet. This allows for on-the-go convenience and control.

“Communicating with appliances is increasingly commonplace.”

For example, Good Housekeeping reported that GE’s new Built-in Double Convection Wall Oven connects with an app that allows homeowners maximum control from an iPhone or Android. For anyone watching a movie ahead of dinner time, the oven can be preheated from the living room using the app. Similarly, cooking temperatures and updates can be accessed through a phone or tablet. The oven is also simple and elegant, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

Other smart ovens can do different tricks. LG stated on its website that along with similar control features offered by GE, users can download recipes alongside helpful oven controls. Likewise, for smaller homes or apartments, there are toaster ovens that boast connectivity measures as well. For anyone with home internet service, communicating with appliances is increasingly commonplace.

Video fridge
Ovens aren’t the only kitchen mainstays that have gotten a modern facelift. Many new refrigerator models also come with digital controls via smartphone apps, along with many other bells and whistles.

According to PC World, Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator offers some incredible amenities and useful tools. Smartphones or home phone services can be paired with the fridge, which can receive calls or display text notifications on a massive 21.5-inch television display. When connected to the Internet, this screen becomes incredibly powerful.

Weather reports, calendar appointments and family photos can all be accessed and displayed. The fridge also allows users to stream music, watch TV or shop and order groceries. All told, the fridge comes with some serious computing power and helpful apps.

There are a number of other smart fridges on the market, but Samsung’s Family Hub really sets the bar for just how tech-savvy a refrigerator can be.

The newest refrigerator models are sleek, modern and elegant.The newest refrigerator models are sleek, modern and elegant.

Robot helper
Move over Roomba, there’s a new household robot that does so much more than vacuum. Made by Haier, the Chinese tech company recently unveiled the brand-new Ubot, which is a cloud-connected little robot that’s cute as a button and incredibly helpful.

Ubot will charm your socks off with its little dance moves, but it also comes armed to the teeth with helpful tools. PC World reported that Ubot will illuminate a room as a homeowner walks through, and its human-like eyes are actually two security cameras.

More importantly, however, Ubot is the point of contact for Haier’s impressive line of smart devices. Users can communicate with Ubot, which in turn can manage smart appliances like fridges and washing machines, as well as household systems like lighting and air conditioning. Ubot can also connect with entertainment devices, making it a cute but powerful little robot.

Kitchen counters
Orange Chef, a leader in smart appliances, announced in 2015 that a smart cutting board, called Countertop, would soon be available. It is another example of how technology is transforming the kitchen.

Countertop pairs with a smartphone app and connects with other smart devices in the kitchen to become your personal chef and nutritionist. Countertop can pair with your Fitbit or Jawbone to make sure you meet your fitness goals and will recommend recipes accordingly. Information on ingredients and nutrients is displayed alongside step-by-step guides for preparing food.

The device suggests foods based on a user’s health goals and preferences, and in accordance with other kitchen appliances connected to the same WiFi. Countertop recommends meals that are tasty, healthy and doable.

PC World reported that other companies are reimagining the kitchen counter as well. As opposed to beaming information to a smartphone, tablet or refrigerator monitor, interactive displays will be available directly on the kitchen counter.

For example, PC World stated that Whirlpool has recently toyed with a way to showcase everything from recipes and weather updates to a real-time baby monitor on your countertop. It has also considered ways to combine your kitchen sink with the dishwasher, showing that the future of the kitchen is far from written, and new devices are continually being developed that make things easier and faster for homeowners.

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