Looking to save money? Here are the cheapest ways to get HBO and other premium networks

Joe Supan

Sep 11, 2020 — 3 min read

Are you better off subscribing to HBO through Amazon Prime Video or HBO NOW? We break down all of your options for premium channels here.

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With more than 200 streaming services currently available in the U.S., Americans have never had more options when it comes to finding something to watch.

But recently, even those options have their own options. Streaming apps like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu all let you subscribe to various channels through them rather than subscribing to them on their own. 

Much of the appeal is simplicity. Rather than getting multiple charges every month, these services let you combine them all into one. You can also watch all of those channels in one app, so you won’t have to hop around on your TV when you’re trying to find something to watch. Here’s how much premium networks cost monthly on each streaming service:

Because the price is about the same everywhere for the channels you want, we recommend subscribing through a service or device you already use. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, for example, your experience will be a little smoother if you subscribe to HBO Max through Prime Video Channels. You’ll be able to see HBO shows like Westworld or Game of Thrones, for example, right next to Prime Video’s extensive catalog.

AT&T TV NOW: Cheapest way to get HBO

If you’re looking to sign up for HBO, there’s only one streaming service that offers any kind of discount. AT&T TV NOW’s MAX plan costs $80/mo. and includes HBO Max and Cinemax. Whether or not that constitutes a good deal depends on how you feel about the rest of AT&T TV NOW’s channel selection.

In our review of AT&T TV NOW, we found it to be one of the weaker live TV streaming services, but if adding HBO is a necessity, it might be worth signing up for that benefit alone. 

You can also add HBO through almost every cable and satellite package, but you typically won’t save much. HBO will set you back $18/mo. through DIRECTV, $15/mo. through Xfinity, $15/mo. through Spectrum and $15/mo. through Verizon Fios. That said, most TV providers offer discounts if you bundle with other premium channels like SHOWTIME and STARZ. 

Sling TV: Cheapest way to get SHOWTIME and EPIX

Sling TV is the only service that offers discounts on SHOWTIME and EPIX, and you’ll only save $1/mo. on each of them. Still, with packages starting at just $30/mo., you can build a pretty affordable lineup with premium channels. In our review of Sling TV, we thought it was missing a lot of essential channels like ABC and CBS, but it’s still one of the few live TV streaming services that will actually save you money. 

You can also save when you bundle through Roku Channel

If you’re interested in signing up for more than one premium channel, you might be able to find a good deal through the Roku Channel. You’ll only be able to access them through a Roku streaming device, but each of these bundles will save you a few dollars every month.

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