Cameras for Surveillance Ensuring Your Home Safety

Keeping your home safe should be among your top priorities. For physically securing the place you can start with a’ barking dog’ recorder with ‘motion sensor’ that will go off every time someone passes through it. Get it installed in the most vulnerable and crowded areas of your home for effective results. You can also consider installing floodlights among others as cheap security measures. Factors like neighborhood with ‘alarm systems’ will also help you ward off intrusion of any kind. Security cameras for home safety, on the other hand, are an upcoming trend and are sure to topple other security measures for a home.

Cameras for Home Security:

  • Wired Type- To implement effective security for your home, you will need to plan out strategies while installing ‘security cameras’. The easier approach is installation of the wired, larger cameras at the entrance of your home. Such obvious display of security will keep the away the chances of potential harm to your home. Thugs might even drop their plans as they see the cameras at the front gate. And anyway, if the robber is in double minds or spends some extra time in front of the security camera, you will definitely get clear footage to hand over to the police. To install these wired cameras you will have to approach professionals for assistance in maintaining the fittings and design.
  • Wireless Type- The newer concept is that of ‘wireless camera’ which is small in size and can be concealed with ease. These characteristics make it effective in capturing pictures/videos of the thug trying to run away. The drawbacks of using this camera include the quality of output, especially with interference from other electronic gadgets or devices. However, their features and ever-decreasing price has made them popular among homeowners.
  • Deceiving Camera- Based on the concept that thieves stay away from homes with security camera provisions, products are being launched that are nothing but ‘empty camera housings’. It is clear from the name that they do not actually record any video but are simply used for scaring away intruders. These products are way less costly than the original ones but it is up to you to make them work to get back your money’s worth.       

Lighting Options:

Lights for the outdoor area of your home will offer the simplest yet most effective security from intrusion or other forms of external aggression. Generally, robbers would not prefer to be seen by either the home owners or neighbors, i.e. they do not want any witnesses. Keeping your outside lighted will prevent thugs to take a chance with your place. You can either opt for solar installations or think of placing spotlights (wired) at your walkway or entrance where the traffic is most and extra lighting is needed to identify people. And since you are getting illumination for your home entrance, you might as well get rid of those shrubs on those sides that are dense. This will give lesser space to hide to those coming to your home with the wrong motives.


The safety of your home rests on how cautious you are. Taking the right protective measures will help you live in mental peace. And if you are not confident enough to do things on your own, take help from professionals.

Summary: Installation of security cameras is important to keep your home free from intrusion. Some of the camera types and usefulness are elaborated in the writing.

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