Cable Bill Saving Tips

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Oct 12, 2013

Cable Bill Saving TipsThe average bill for a cable service in the US is still reasonably high, which can be a bit of a problem if we compare it to the actual time we spend watching cable. Unfortunately, the trends coming up are ones of rising costs and not of a cheaper service. The prognosis is that by the time the year 2020 rolls around, the average bills we might be facing could reach the $200 margin.

The costs of this type of service are on the rise due to the rising expenses covered by cable companies to deal with programming licensing. Since DVD sales are down with useful, on-demand services such as Netflix, this business model struggles to fight their loss of business. The end result may be something of a downhill slope from a different point of view, however it is something unavoidable at this moment and possibly in the future.

Before you start thinking about changing the way your cable service works out for you and you start calling phones, you should first start evaluating your bill. It might be pure reflex for you to call up their customer service representatives, however they will most likely have to go through all the options with you. If luck would have it, you might also have to deal with an elaborate and long phone tree set of options and pre-recorded responses that would drive you crazy. So before going through that call, you should first consider your bill.

Even though there are lots of people around the world who choose to cut their cable and simply move on to other forms of entertainment, you should really sit down and think about it. First of all, you should always consider whether you need the service or not when the price of it rises yearly. Balance out how often you watch TV versus its actual price and think about which ones are really the ones you need versus the entire package. If you are viewing the antenna broadcast channels versus the ones provided specifically by your cable provider, then you might be facing a time for a change.

If you have a subscription to some premium channels such as HBO, Showtime or similar, then you should really consider whether they are an investment worth keeping. Are you watching them often enough for them to be necessary or are you watching them from time to time each week? Are you only watching them to follow that one program or show? Then you may be better off abandoning them altogether in exchange for a different option. You should contact your cable service provider and see whether they have a more suitable option for you to explore. This will give you a chance to work out a much smaller monthly bill to deal with.

You could easily reduce that bill to begin with without giving up your cable, and that can be achieved with the deals offered by these companies. Bundles of telephone, cable and internet service, all in one are something completely normal for the market, which means you could get much better deals and rates. With luck, companies will offer more and better deals as online programming takes over the market, possibly even transferring to a completely different model for you to use. The more things change, the more likely you are to receive discounts on services provided by these companies.

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