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BY Allconnect Inc | Thu Mar 24, 2011

Thinking about buying an HDTV? Do you know about all the features you’ll connect to if your HDTV has Internet connectivity? With Internet access through your HDTV, you have instant access to stream movies from Netflix, stream music from Pandora and watch videos on YouTube. You can access Facebook and Twitter and read news, weather and sports. You can even study your fantasy sports info. Though it’s not exactly like surfing the web, Internet connectable products will display icons on your HDTV screen that represent movie-streaming services, music-streaming services and social networking services. You select a icon, and follow instructions on how to start getting instant content. It’s that simple! So if you’re thinking about going the HDTV route, you definitely want to consider products with Internet connectivity. Before you pull the trigger on your new HDTV, make sure you visit Best Buy’s resource section to get all your questions answered about Internet Connectable HDTVs.

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