Burglary statistics that highlight the importance of a security system

Burglary is a difficult crime to anticipate, so most homeowners invest in home security as a "better safe than sorry" solution. This is a prudent strategy as breaking and entering is still a widespread problem that hits homeowners across the nation. The fact speak for themselves, and as a result more families are considering security technology for their home.

Alarm systems work
The most relevant piece of data regarding burglaries reflects the effectiveness of security systems as a deterrent. A study performed by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice Study reveals that 90 percent of burglars will skip over a home if they are aware that it has a security system. The risk simply isn't worth the reward for petty criminals to target secured homes. The same study noted that even a sign or decal indicating the presence of a security system is enough to deter 75 percent of burglars.

Costly property loss
Homes without security systems are much more likely to be targeted by criminals and households that fall prey to burglary will feel a hit to their budget. The Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that the average value of goods taken from American homes during a burglary exceeds $2000. Compare this number to the cost of an alarm system to determine if the extra security measures are truly worth the cash. Remember that when paying for a security system that you are also investing in personal peace of mind.

More electronics theft
The Bureau of Justice Statistics also notes that thefts involving electronic devices has spiked by over 4 percent over the past decade. This shift is likely a response to the ever growing types of high-end technology that is now affordable and available for consumers. Big screen plasma televisions, for example, were prohibitively expensive just a few years ago. This statistic is relevant to homeowners because it reveals that any home with a large cache of electronics may become a prime target for burglary.

Likely points of entry
Burglary statistics suggest entry strategies for burglars are fairly consistent. An educational infographic hosted by PRWeb points out that at least 34 percent of burglars attempt to come in through the front door, 22 percent accessed homes through the backdoor and 9 percent got in through the garage. Unlatched windows and screen doors provided common points of entry as well. This information is helpful because it allows homeowners to predict burglar activity and install security solutions appropriately. Customer looking to stop a vast majority of burglars in their tracks will invest in systems that include motion sensors at doors and windows.

Burglars strike back
Less than 13 percent of reported burglaries are actually cleared by the cops, according to FBI.gov.. Burglars are happy to hit the same home multiple times if security measures fail to improve. Homeowners who have suffered the violation of breaking and entering can protect themselves from repeat offenses by beefing up household protection.

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