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How baby boomers use the internet

Who are baby boomers, and why does their internet usage matter? Learn more about generational differences in internet use.

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Where can movers find the lowest electricity rates in the U.S.?

Find out which states had the lowest electric rates in 2018 Q4. Louisiana tops the list as cheapest and Hawaii is the most expensive.

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Top- and lowest-rated internet providers — what customers have to say

Does your internet provider get ranked at the top in 2018? Find out and see what other customers like you think

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How energy vampires could be sucking your electricity dry and costing you money

Are energy vampires lurking in your home? Here’s how to spot them and save money on your electricity bill.

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Safeguard these most commonly stolen items in the home

Cash, jewelry, laundry detergent? Knowing these most commonly stolen items is the first step to effective theft prevention.

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Which providers’ internet speeds live up to the hype — actual vs. advertised speeds

If you have DSL or satellite internet, your provider might not perform up to par. Learn about the FCC’s evaluation.

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Keeping your kids safe online

Knowledge of internet filtering settings and state laws is the first step to keeping your kids safe on the internet.

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Another way that bundling saves: fewer setup and installation fees

Learn how much the average installation fee costs (hint, it’s $70+) and ways you can save by bundling new service.

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Home security tips from “It Takes a Thief”

Most burglaries occur during the day to homes without security systems. Learn how to protect your home and valuables.

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