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What the top cities in the U.S. can offer for your high-speed internet needs

Thinking about your next move? Our experts break down the five best cities to live in the U.S. and their broadband availability.

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Troubles with tech? You’re not alone — The biggest broadband headaches by state

Internet connection issues got you down? See which is the biggest broadband headache in your state based on Google Trends data for the past year.

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Hands on with AT&T’s secret streaming TV box as it finalizes new service

Would you rather have a satellite TV dish or a streaming box to get your pay-TV channels? AT&T is betting on streaming with its latest device.

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Surfing with seniors: Study shows screen time on the rise among older Americans

Did you know seniors spend more time using screens than they do with any other leisure activity? See our breakdown on the new study by Pew Research Center.

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Top Amazon Prime Day deals for cord cutters

Amazon Prime Day is finally here! Check out some of the best deals for cord cutters and start shopping now.

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Need a reason to move? Check out the cheap high-speed internet at these 11 cities!

More cities are looking to create their own municipal broadband to help retain and attract residents. Discover towns across the U.S. that offer internet for $40 or less!

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DISH goes all in on 5G: How the satellite TV company wants your wireless bill

The satellite TV company has spent billions on wireless spectrums over the past decade. It looks like it’s finally be ready to start using it.

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If the internet went down for a day, what’s the worst that could happen?

Life without the World Wide Web seems nearly unimaginable, but a number of people would be affected if it were to go out.

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Get ready to pay more for streaming services: Trends reveal prices could soar

While streaming initially seemed like a cheaper alternative to hefty cable bills, cord cutters now find themselves in a familiar dilemma.

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