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Another way that bundling saves: fewer setup and installation fees

Learn how much the average installation fee costs (hint, it’s $70+) and ways you can save by bundling new service.

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Home security tips from “It Takes a Thief”

Most burglaries occur during the day to homes without security systems. Learn how to protect your home and valuables.

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High-speed internet a necessity for U.S. students

Pencils. Textbook. Wi-Fi? Learn why a high-speed internet connection should be at the top of every student’s school supply list.

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Where can movers find the lowest electricity rates in the U.S.?

Find out which states had the lowest electric rates in 2018 Q3. Louisiana tops the list as cheapest and Hawaii is the most expensive.

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How energy vampires and your haunted house could cost you this Halloween

Learn how your devices sap electricity without you realizing it. Plus, find other easy methods for saving energy at home.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

As part of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), many states have laws in place for filtering internet content in…

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How Extreme Weather Impacts Energy Production and Transmission

No matter your opinion on climate change, scientists have proven its effects time and time again. And as a result,…

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People really still use dial-up internet? Actually, 9.4 million do

Remember dial-up – that weird, hollow, echoing sound that defined your childhood? For most of us, this way of connecting…

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Deregulation of Texas Retail Electric Market Leads to Increasingly Satisfied Customers

In 2002, the Texas retail electric market was deregulated, giving most Texas consumers the ability to purchase electrical services from…

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