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Who’s not using the internet? Ask the nearly 33 million Americans who aren’t!

While the number has been shrinking, nearly 10% of Americans aren’t online. We explore who they are and why they aren’t connected.

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Amazon doubles down on free streaming with IMDb TV

Amazon’s expansion of its free TV streaming service shows that the race for ad-supported content is beginning to heat up.

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Change the channel with a gaze: Xfinity reveals new accessibility features

The new accessibility feature will allow customers to sync an existing eye gaze tracking system, or even a ‘sip and puff’ interface triggered by breath, to the firm’s Xfinity X1 box

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U.S. broadband backlash: Study says internet providers last among all industries

Are you satisfied with your internet provider? Turns out, many Americans are not. Learn how they ranked for 2019.

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America’s tech divide: 44% of households with an income under $30,000 don’t have broadband

A shocking Pew Research Center study found that more than four-in-ten U.S. households with an income of less than $30,000 a year don’t have home broadband services (44%).

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Spectrum’s new cancellation policy explained

Considering cutting your internet service? Check out the fine print to see what you can do to save money before you leave.

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Are your smart speakers and phone spying on you 24/7?

Feel like Alexa and Siri are spying on you? Learn what companies like Facebook and Amazon are saying and what you can do to secure your privacy and data.

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Experts warn of ‘overwhelming evidence’ proving tech addiction is harming children’s health

Kids are spending way too much time in front of screens. Here are the recommended guidelines you and your family need to follow.

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Are you canceling your HBO subscription? Experts predict exodus as Game of Thrones ends

Now that we know who sits on the Iron Throne, is it worth keeping an HBO subscription? Take our poll and tell us!

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