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The billionaire race to beam the internet from space

A 21st century Space Race is on as tech billionaires around the world compete to provide global broadband internet service.

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FCC admits its broadband map is wrong: New figures reveal 21.3 million lack high-speed access

The new official number is still far lower that Microsoft’s estimate of 162 million people

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The TV that doesn’t need broadband or cable to stream

Controversial Chinese firm Huawei has unveiled the world’s first 5G TV, and says it will go on sale later this year

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX gets the go-ahead to launch 1,500 ‘Starlink’ satellites to beam broadband to Earth

The FCC approved the plan to launch a constellation of internet-beaming satellites called Starlink that could eventually beam broadband across the globe.

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America’s broadband divide revealed: Shocking map shows over 162 million people still don’t have access to high speed internet

Microsoft analyzed anonymized user data and estimates 162.8 million people aren’t using the internet at broadband speeds, a far higher figure than the 25 million the FCC claims.

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Will your city get 5G in 2019? Verizon reveals 20 more areas getting the revolutionary network

Verizon also revealed the eye-watering $1400 price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the first handset with 5G capabilities built in.

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Amazon and Google both launch free music streaming services (but you’ll need their smart speakers to listen)

If you want free music on your smart speaker, Amazon and Google’s new services could be the answer to your prayers (if you’re willing to put up with ads)

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Netflix claims it “isn’t worried” about Apple and Disney’s new streaming services

The world’s largest video streaming service says it actually welcomes its newest competitors.

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Disney+ finally revealed: Star Wars and Pixar take the spotlight in new $6.99/mo. service

The Walt Disney Company announced that its upcoming video streaming service, Disney+, goes live on November 12.

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