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Confused by your speed test results? Here’s what you need to know

Internet not performing as you think it should? Run a speed test and learn what your results may mean and how to address them!

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Which TV streaming device is right for you?

For around $40, these devices can drastically improve your streaming experience through voice search, easy-to-navigate interfaces and 4K support.

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Your complete guide to video streaming service costs

Netflix, Hulu and the like are generally cheaper alternatives to traditional cable, but the various add-ons and fees can pile up in a hurry.

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Discover some of the best streaming services to add to your TV plan

Thinking of adding a streaming service to your TV plan? Find out which subscription is right for you!

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The ultimate guide to cutting the cord

Canceling your cable subscription doesn’t just save you money. It can mean more to watch, better user experience and greater flexibility.

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Windstream modem and router guide: Should you rent or buy?

Before you purchase your own equipment, find out what to expect when it comes to technical support, installation and more.

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Have Wi-Fi will travel: How to get Wi-Fi in your car (and is it worth it?)

Love the internet so much you wish you could take it on the road with you? Here’s how!

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Looking for a Verizon-compatible router? We’ve got you covered!

Want to use your own equipment for your internet service? Here’s a list of compatible routers with Verizon Fios and High-Speed Internet.

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How does your TV service score? Customer satisfaction ratings revealed

Want to see how subscribers like you felt about their TV providers? Check out ACSI’s 2019 customer satisfaction results and some trends to look forward to.

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