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Looking for a Verizon-compatible modem? We’ve got you covered!

Want to use your own equipment for your internet service? Here’s a list of compatible routers with Verizon Fios and High-Speed Internet.

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How does your TV service score? Customer satisfaction ratings for providers revealed

Want to see how subscribers like you felt about their TV providers? Check out ACSI’s 2019 customer satisfaction results and some trends to look forward to.

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Best free DNS servers of 2019: 14 options to check out

Trying to find the right DNS server? Check out our top picks to find the one that’s right for you!

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DNS Server 101: What it is and how to change it

Learn more about Domain Name Servers, how they work and why you might want to change one (hint: it can help with parental controls).

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Here are the hidden costs on a Cox bill (and what you need to know about them)

Feel like you’re paying more than advertised? Let us help you decipher some of the additional expenses that may be coming your way.

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What’s the right Mediacom-compatible modem for you?

Buying your own modem could save you hundreds of dollars every year. Learn more about which models are compatible with Mediacom.

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Find the right Spectrum-compatible modem for your needs

There are benefits to choosing your own equipment instead of renting from your provider. Learn which ones may be right for your internet plan!

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6 tips you need to know to help you spot fake news

Would you know bogus information if you saw it? Here are some tips to help you decipher info online and on social media.

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How to create the perfect strong password (and not forget it)

Having a hard time creating and keeping up with all your passwords? Let us help you stay on top of all your logins with these tips!

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