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How to stream March Madness 2019 and other live sports

Want to cut the cord but can’t give up live sports? Here are a few ways you can stream games and events live.

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The Momo challenge & 6 ways to keep your kids safe on the internet

Terrified of the Momo challenge? Learn more about the internet hoax and what you can do to monitor your child’s online activities.

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Why your internet is slow (and how to fix it)

Is your internet slow because of router settings or malware? Learn how to check different reasons your speeds are low.

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Best routers for gaming — 2019

We can’t guarantee you’ll win the game, but we can help you beat the lag with the best routers for gaming in 2019.

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Best XFINITY modems and routers

Finally investing in your own equipment? Find the best router and modem for your XFINITY internet service.

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The best Wi-Fi routers for long-range internet signals in 2019

Check out 2019’s best long-range routers that will get you Wi-Fi throughout your house and maximize your internet.

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The complete guide to internet fees by provider – March 2019

As you sign up for a new internet plan, don’t get slammed with unexpected, hidden internet fees! From modem and…

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3 reasons why you need home security in “safe” neighborhoods

A home security system is invaluable. Learn why you should arm your home in a “safe” neighborhood.

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Why you can’t connect to Wi-Fi at home and what to do about it

“Why can’t I connect to Wi-Fi?!” We’ve all said it. Here’s how to troubleshoot common Wi-Fi connection problems at home.

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