14 time management apps to help you beat the clock

Alex Sheehan
Alex Sheehan
Oct 14, 2019

If you’re looking to stress less, one area of your life to examine is your time management skills. Studies have found that better time management means less anxiety. And less anxiety means more capacity to enjoy all that extra free time. 

Best time management apps

Let’s check out some of the best time management apps to help you do more.

1. Clockify – free time tracking for billable hours and payroll

Professionals looking for a free time-tracking solution can use the Clockify browser, desktop or mobile app. It has unlimited users, projects and reports which you can filter. Visual breakdown also show how your time was spent. 

2. Fantastical 2 – schedule management to keep you on time

Available for Apple devices only, Fantastical 2 is one of the time management tools that focuses on centralizing several calendars and schedules. Import your calendar tasks, toggle between calendars and view list, weekly, daily or monthly calendars. It’ll also tell you what time you need to leave in order to arrive to appointments on time. 

3. Focus Booster – increase productivity and get more done

Focus Booster uses the Pomodoro Technique (a time-management system developed in the ‘80s) to combat procrastination and fuel productivity. It tracks time and helps you stay focused by scheduling tasks in short increments. You’ll begin to see trends on how you use your time and when you’re most productive.

4. FocusMe – kick bad time-management habits

Another productivity-oriented time management app, FocusMe is centered around limiting time spent on certain websites or apps. If you waste a lot of time on tasks you want to limit, FocusMe will help you kick the habit. 

5. HabitMinder – create good habits

HabitMinder is centered around kicking bad habits to the curb and picking up new, positive routines. Set goals, track progress over time and get notifications to help you stay the course. 

6. Loop – start new positive habits

Loop tracks your activity and then gives a report on where you spend your time. Beyond that, the mobile app helps you start new habits with goal-setting, progress charts and notifications.

7. MyLifeOrganized – manage and prioritize to-do lists and goals

MyLifeOrganized is a time management app that helps you organize to-dos and set goals. With it, you can break goals down into smaller tasks, prioritize those tasks and email task lists. It also has geo-based notifications for things like grocery lists when you’re at the food store. 

8. Remember the Milk – the ultimate to-do list manager

If you need help remembering your to-do list, check out Remember the Milk. Handy features include task deadlines, email and text reminders, notifications and repetition, in addition to the option to search your list and add attachments.

9. RescueTime – see where you spend your hours

RescueTime is a time tracker that tells you where you spend most of your time online. Install the app on your phone or computer and give it permission to run in the background. Over time, you’ll see reports and trends on where you’ve spent the most time online. It can be a real eye-opener!

10. TickTick – all-in-one time tracking and calendar management 

TickTick is a task management app with calendar features. Create to-do lists and goals, and then share them with others if you want to collaborate. Track time, set up notifications and use location reminders — TickTick really does it all. 

11. TimeTree – share calendars, schedules and to-do lists

If you’re looking to share calendars with a partner or family members with a daily schedule app, TimeTree is a great option. With it, you can see others’ life schedules, communicate in-app and create to-do lists. 

12. Todoist – goal-oriented time management

Todoist is a life organizer app the helps you “never worry about forgetting things again.” Add and organize tasks, assign deadlines, map out projects and goals and track your progress over time. 

13. Toggl – time tracking with teams

Toggl is a time-tracker favorite. Available in desktop or mobile app versions, create projects and clients against which to track your time. You can also add other users and view reports and time logs. The paid version has the option to email reports, add unlimited collaborators and view project and employee profitability charts.

14. Tomato Timer – straightforward productivity booster

Another Pomodoro Technique tool, TomatoTimer focuses on increasing productivity by blocking your day into short time blocks separated by breaks. These “sprints” of work are meant to keep you ultra-focused on the task at hand by keeping it limited to a short amount of time, instead of prolonged burnout. 

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