The best tech gifts for Mom

Samantha Cossick

Nov 7, 2019 — 3 min read

Finding the perfect gift for Mom can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. These tech gifts are sure to make her day.

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Moms work hard all year round taking care of their families. So, this holiday season, we propose you give a gift that makes their lives just a little bit easier. All of these gift ideas for Mom are sure to help her unwind, relax or capture the perfect family moment.

Get right to the gifts

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LectoFan Classic White Noise Machine

Help Mom tune out distractions

Whether it’s creating a home-office without disturbances or being able to fall asleep, a white noise machine can help Mom out in many ways. The LectoFan Classic White Noise Machine comes with 20 unique sounds — 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noise sounds, including white, pink and brown noise — as well as a sleep timer. User a power adapter to keep it stationary or a USB to take it on-the-go.

Kindle Oasis E-reader

Give Mom the ability to enjoy a good book just about anywhere

When Mom wants to unwind and relax with a good book, the Kindle Oasis E-reader is the perfect way to do so. With a high-resolution, anti-glare display, Mom will be able to read a book in the house, on the porch or at the beach. Additionally, the latest generations of the Kindle now pair with Bluetooth and come with Audible so Mom can listen to the latest books anytime, anywhere.

Jabra Active 65t Earbuds

Let Mom listen in style

Whether Mom wants to answer calls on-the-go, listen to music in the gym or enjoy the latest audiobook in peace, these Jabra Active 65t Earbuds can help her out. They’re wireless, equipped with Bluetooth and compatible with Apple and Android devices. (Hint: They’ll also pair with the Kindle Oasis above). Mom will get up to five hours of sound on a single charge, but their pocket-friendly charging case can give her up to 15 hours.

Jackery Bolt Portable Charger

Grant Mom the gift of never being without power

Between school drop-offs and pick-ups, extracurricular activities, daily errands and more, Moms are always on the go. That’s why they need the power to get through the day. Coffee may keep Mom going all day long, but the Jackery Bolt Portable Charger will keep her devices running throughout the day. Built-in lightning and micro-USB cables mean it’ll work with both Apple and Android devices. Plus, the 6000 mAh capacity means it can charge an iPhone 6 in full up to three times.

Moment M-series Phone Lens

Free Mom’s inner photographer with this present

Mom will be able to capture every family moment this holiday season with the Moment M-series Phone Lens. The Tele 58mm lens is compatible with Galaxy, iPhone, Pixel, OnePlus and Samsung phones (but you may have to purchase a photo case to attach the lens). The telephoto lens brings your subject 2x closer with great clarity and sharpness.

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