Parents’ guide to the best phones for kids

Taylor Gadsden

Sep 4, 2020 — 3 min read

We make shopping easy with our top selections to keep your kids connected to you.

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Phones have become mini supercomputers we can access from our pockets. With that much power, finding the right one for your child’s age group can be difficult. Especially because smartphones can act as tiny portals to the digital world. Unless you and your child plan to lead a digitally disconnected life, you’re going to have to invest in a phone for your kid eventually. Thankfully, manufacturers understand this and have developed a device that’s geared towards every age. 

Check out our top picks:

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Best for small children under 8: Relay Screenless phone

There’s a golden age during every child’s life where you want them to have a phone more than they do. With built-in GPS tracking via the app, emergency SOS alerts and geofencing capabilities, the Relay is the perfect phone for that time where you just need to keep in touch when your child is away or just to make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be. 

The screenless device is also ideal for parents looking to stay connected to their child without introducing the temptation of screens, internet access and other digital distractions. The device is also an affordable alternative with a low monthly service charge, just in case you’re not ready to invest in something more costly for the youngest members of your family. 

Best for children 9-13: Motorola moto e5 play

The moto e5 is a great way to introduce your preteen to smartphones without breaking the bank for unnecessary bells and whistles. Sporting a design that’s built to last and a removable battery, the moto e5 includes a Snapdragon processor and all-day battery power to easily complete typical tasks like browsing, calling and app usage. The device is available with carriers like AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Xfinity Mobile so you’ll have no problem finding a reliable service provider. 

Best for teens: iPhone SE

It’s no secret that teens love iPhones. A new study by Piper Sandler Companies shows that 85% of teens have an iPhone and if they don’t already, 88% want their next phone to be one. However, most brand new iPhones on the market currently will run you about $800 on average without promotional offers. That’s where the iPhone SE comes in with all the capabilities of a typical Apple device at about half the price. 

The SE was designed with water resistance for up to 30 minutes in Apple’s most popular size and includes a large 4.7” retina HD display. Your teen also won’t be wanting for power. The SE features the same A13 Bionic chip that allows the 11 Pro to seamlessly switch between apps and take professional portraits using the advanced camera system. 

Best to grow into: Motorola moto g power

The moto g power is the perfect device to start your child off and will last till they’re able to buy a phone of their own. This one comes with a battery that’s said to last up to a whopping three days, an AI-powered camera system and a display that’s comparable to phones retailing at twice the price. It’s water-resistant for younger crowds and features the Qualcomm snapdragon processor to keep up with the demands of teen users. Users also receive 64GB of storage to hold the photos, videos, emails and documents of even the busiest kids and young adults.

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