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Beginner’s guide to AT&T internet equipment

BY Samantha Cossick | Tue May 28, 2019
Beginner’s guide to AT&T internet equipment

One of the biggest questions when picking an internet service provider is deciding whether or not to rent or buy your equipment, such as a modem and router. With AT&T, your equipment is included with your plan for free and all AT&T internet plans come with a Wi-Fi gateway.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions when it comes to AT&T internet equipment.

AT&T internet equipment FAQs

What is AT&T’s Wi-Fi Gateway?

AT&T’s Wi-Fi Gateway is a modem-router combo device that not only brings the internet into your home, but also transmits the signal throughout your house for whole-home Wi-Fi. The wireless gateway allows you to connect up to four wired devices and any Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home.

What is smart Wi-Fi?

Your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway uses technology known as smart Wi-Fi to automatically select the “best and fastest connection” for your devices to provide more consistent coverage. AT&T Smart Wi-Fi comes standard with internet plans of 12 Mbps or higher and requires installation of a BGW219, 5268aC or NVG599 Wi-Fi Gateway.

Can I install my own AT&T internet equipment?

Yes, when purchasing an AT&T internet plan you can opt for professional installation or self-installation. If you choose to self-install, check out our AT&T self-installation guide.

What if I have dead zones in my house?

If you find there are dead zones in your house while using the AT&T Wi-F Gateway, you might want to consider a Wi-Fi extender. You can choose to purchase your own Wi-Fi extender or buy the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender for $49.99.

The AT&T Smart Wi-Fi extender is designed to be used with a 5268AC, BGW210 or NVG599 Wi-Fi gateway. The extender can increase coverage by up to 1,000 sq. ft. and uses mesh technology for seamless connectivity.

Can I manage my home network remotely?

Yes, with the Smart Home Manager app you can monitor your home network remotely on any device for free. The app allows you to customize your Wi-Fi network name and password, manage all connected devices, invite guests to your network and more.

How do I reboot my AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway?

There are two options for rebooting your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. First, if you use the Smart Home Manager app, you can log into the app or visit and choose Devices. Select Wi-Fi Gateway, then Reboot Wi-Fi Gateway, then Reboot.

To reboot your Wi-Fi Gateway manually, first, unplug the power cord from the back of your gateway. If your gateway comes with an internal battery backup, remove it. Wait 20 seconds, then put the internal battery back and plug the device back in. Wait up to 10 minutes for the Gateway to reboot and the broadband light to blink green.

My internet seems sluggish. How can I test my speed?

If you feel that your AT&T internet service isn’t running optimally or is running slower than normal, you’ll want to run a speed test. Visit our AT&T internet speed test page to check your internet speed, learn more about the results and see how your speeds compare to advertised AT&T internet speeds.

Does AT&T offer internet security?

Yes, AT&T offers the AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee for free to all internet and DSL customers with a 3 Mbps plan or higher. The security suite helps protect your computer from viruses and malware as well as offers the ability to set parental controls, check your computer health and more.

To get answers to more frequently asked questions about AT&T internet and equipment, give one of our internet experts a call today!

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