Lisa Iscrupe

Lisa Iscrupe

Writer, Broadband & Data Content

Lisa uses years of experience in sales and customer service for internet-TV providers to inform her writing on broadband. Her work has been referenced by CNN and other national sources. In Lisa's Words: Ever since I got my first four-pound, 64 MB laptop and Kyocera bar phone (for emergencies only!) back in my collegiate days, I’ve been a curious witness to sweeping technology changes and our current online reliance. An Allconnect writer since 2019, I learned the ropes in the telecom industry while working in sales and customer service. Speaking with customers and helping them with their problems gave me a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the variety of issues that residential internet and TV subscribers face across the nation. I’ve been a writer all my life on topics including social impact, history and, of course, broadband and TV. From pet sitting to living on a cruise ship, I’ve done it all. Also, I’m a bit of a cat-lady, so if there is a cat (or dog) within five feet of me, I have to say hello. Nature, camping, hiking and travel is a definite priority for me.

Lisa Iscrupe

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