Apple Music hits 60 million paid subscribers

Mark Prigg
Mark Prigg
Jun 27, 2019

Apple Music, the iPhone maker’s $9.99 per month streaming music service, now has over 60 million paid Apple Music subscribers.

Eddy Cue, the streaming giant’s VP of services, confirmed the figure in an interview with French news site Numerama.

Despite the news of the lofty number of Apple Music subscribers, they are still way behind arch-rival Spotify.

In April, it announced it had hit 100 million subscribers, making it the first streaming music service to hit that milestone.

However, Apple is now pulling away from the rest of the streaming service field.

A Bloomberg report in May estimated Amazon’s paid subscriber count to be around 30 million, putting Google in fourth place with 15 million between both YouTube Music and Google Play (which are soon to merge).

Apple also says Beats 1, its streaming radio station, now has “tens of millions of listeners.”

Apple recently unveiled iOS 13, its latest overhaul of iOS, which includes an improved Apple Music app that can display lyrics.

For full details on the update, read our iOS 13 coverage.

The firm is also bringing the app to the Mac for the first time, and killing off iTunes to replace it with three separate apps.

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