Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Tips to Get Your Deposit Back

BY Kristen Fowler | Thu Apr 13, 2017
Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Tips to Get Your Deposit Back

Today, we’re going to cover a sometimes frustrating but essential aspect of moving out of your apartment–cleaning your apartment up for new tenants. Even if you can’t stand your landlord, you probably want or need your security deposit back right?┬áIf so, you’ll want to follow these essential move-out cleaning tips.

So, start with the basic all around cleaning of the primary living spaces- your bedroom and the living room. Broom clean at minimum and vacuum if you can. If you’ve got carpets you might ant to get them professionally cleaned instead of taking your chances with over the counter products. Dusting is also hugely important. Every corner of every room, each light fixture, the radiator and the baseboards, all of these areas should be carefully attended to with your duster.

So, get started on preparing your apartment for your move by following our quick move-out cleaning tips and come back for part two where we’ll discuss the two biggest problem areas when it comes to cleaning your apartment–the kitchen and the bathroom.

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