Another way that bundling saves: fewer setup and installation fees

BY Nicole George | Thu Jul 12, 2018
Another way that bundling saves: fewer setup and installation fees

Bundling home services has its pros and cons, but if you use internet like 89% of Americans and love to watch TV, buying a TV and internet bundle can save you money each month. Saving on setup and installation is a perk of bundling you might not think about. Check out how you can save money on installation costs, what the average installation cost is and other perks of bundling.


The average installation and setup fee

In the table below, we calculated the average internet installation and setup fee for AllconnectⓇ providers. Internet setup and installation costs an average of $74.86, but fees can go up to $129.99 depending on your provider and installation.

ProviderStandard internet installation and setup cost
Average installation fee$74.86
Buckeye Broadband$30-50

The above were taken from “standard” installation fees listed by providers. Some fees still vary, such as MCTV, which charges less to install more than one MCTV service, or Optimum, which offers a higher-cost, “premium” installation.

Last updated 7/12/18.


Two easy ways to save on TV and internet installation fees

  1. Self-installation

To save on internet setup and installation fees, opt for self-installation if your provider offers it.

Many providers, such as CenturyLink and XFINITY, offer self-installation and waive setup fees if you do it yourself. You should ask about activation fees, though, which may apply even with self-installation.


  1. Bundle

You can also save by bundling services. Providers may charge a setup and installation fee if you order an internet-only plan or TV-only service, but then waive the installation charge if you bundle home services.


Providers who waive setup and installation fees when you bundle

The following Allconnect providers don’t charge for setup and installation if you purchase select bundles.

  • AT&T – setup and installation fee is included with internet and TV packages for U-verse TV service
  • Cox – setup and installation fee is included for most bundles that include TV, home phone and internet
  • Frontier – setup and installation is included with select bundles
  • Spectrum – setup and installation fee is waived for triple play bundles


MCTV also offers installation fee discounts for setting up more than one service.

These are current installation and setup deals, but providers often change offers, including installation and setup services.

Last updated 7/12/18.


So how much do you save?

AT&T – AT&T charges up to $99 for installation.* If you are interested in adding U-verse TV service (180+ channels) to high-speed internet service ($50*/mo.) for an additional $15/mo.*, bundling U-verse TV and internet gets you a free installation. You also get back the cost of more than 6 months of U-verse TV service. Plus, AT&T sets up both internet and TV.

Bottom line savings – $99 on installation or 6 months U-Verse TV


Cox – Cox professional installation starts at $75*. Going from an internet only plan at $59.99/mo.* (Cox Internet Preferred 100) to a Cox Bronze Bundle with internet, TV and home phone only costs $30 more per month,* and it gets you a free installation for all services. At those plan rates, your installation fee savings are about the same as 2 ½ months of TV and phone service.

Bottom line savings – $75 or 2 ½ months TV & phone


Frontier – Frontier’s installation fee is $75*. Going from internet only at $30/mo.* (FiOS 50 mbps internet) to a Fios Custom Essentials TV bundle with the same internet speed ($65/mo.*) costs $35 more per month and gets you free installation of all services. At those plan rates, your savings are about the same as 2 months of FiOS TV service.

Bottom line savings – $75 or 2 months of FiOS TV


Spectrum – Spectrum’s standard installation fee is $49.99.* Going from an internet-only plan at $44.99/mo.* to Spectrum’s Triple Play Select plan at $89.97/mo.* with free installation saves you about the same cost as renting a Spectrum Wi-Fi router for 10 months, which is $5/mo.*

Bottom line savings – $49.99 or 10 months of Wi-Fi router rental


*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 7/12/18.


More perks of bundling internet, TV and phone

Bundling your home services could eliminate your installation fee, but that setup cost isn’t a deciding factor. Check out all the other features providers might offer with a bundle.

  • Unique cable TV channels and favorite movie networks
  • The convenience of a combined monthly bill
  • Bonuses such as free streaming apps to watch TV on the go or shopping credits
  • Offers like unlimited internet data when you bundle
  • Cheaper than buying each service separately
  • Price-locking
  • Higher speeds per dollar


So is bundling worth it?

Bundling not only gives you special offers such as free setup and installation–it may also give you better custom TV channel packages, access to higher internet speeds and unlimited data.

Bundling usually gives you more entertainment for your dollar than choosing to mix and match services. Choosing an internet bundle is often worth it, especially if you have to subscribe to multiple streaming services to get access to your favorite shows on each service. Why not enjoy great cable or satellite TV instead?

Comparing bundle deals and options isn’t easy, but the perks, such as exclusive sports channels, HD viewing and internet price savings, all make bundling an attractive option. If you’re ready to check out which bundles are available in your area, Allconnect makes it easy to compare pricing and packages.

Last updated 7/12/18.
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