An ode to channel flipping: Reasons why the big cable bundle is still a gigantic value

Jul 10, 2015

First popularized after World War II, television reigned for decades as the most lucrative and culturally relevant entertainment medium. Though the dominance of television has begun to wane in the wake of the Internet Age, there’s still a special magic to flipping through the channels that has yet to be reproduced anywhere else. Online streaming services may provide customers with instantaneous viewing, but the unique joy of coincidentally landing on one of your favorite shows can’t be easily replaced.

Besides opportunities to enjoy a bit of nostalgia, there are plenty of educational and personal benefits that come with access to a robust selection of cable channels. That’s why it’s worth it for American consumers to take a second look at their current cable bundles and decide if their household deserves a timely upgrade. Make your summer extra enjoyable by expanding your channel selection this summer. There are plenty of perks that come with reconnecting or expanding your cable service.

There are plenty of perks that come with reconnecting or expanding your cable service.

Political news is ramping up for 2016

The presidential election, arguably the most important political event in the country, is just around the corner. Party nominee candidates are already buffeting for their respective position in their respective primary polls, and plenty of information about every candidate is currently being disseminated via the major news networks and numerous other affiliate networks. According to research data collected by the American Press Institute, television still ranks as the top source of news for consumers across the nation.

Politically savvy viewers know the most salient viewpoints are gathered by comparing as many perspectives as possible, and access to a wider range of news networks will help them come to clearer, more studied conclusions. That’s why access to a cost-effective cable bundle in 2016 is so important. Voters without these channel resources end up stuck watching attack ads next year.

TV on the couch is a classic family activity

Though television has gotten a bad rap over the years in regards to its impacts on family togetherness, the range of content available for families via their cable bundle is so wide there’s bound to be content that can encourage better communication. Finding shows that encourage interactions between kids and parents is much easier when there are several children and educational networks available.

A bigger selection makes it easier to find entertainment compromises for parents as well, according to Metro Parent. Nature documentaries, for example, can be found in abundance on the right networks. Encouraging quality time in the living room is just one of many ways that expanding your cable bundle can help make the entire family a little happier.

Broadening horizons is a breeze with a long list of channels

Another pleasure unique to having a long list of cable channels to choose from is the opportunity to discover new interests and shows by happy coincidence. How many of your favorite shows from the ’90s were discovered while you flipped around to avoid a commercial? It’s easy for entertainment options to become stale when all your options are laid out in front of you – the channel-flipping experience, on the other hand, encourages experimentation and a bit of critical thinking. Why wait for the next big hit to hit Netflix when you could be part of the next big viewing trend yourself?

Movie channels let you rediscover old favorites

Movie buffs and those with a love for older eras of entertainment will get a big kick out of owning a generous cable bundle for the chance to watch discover and rewatch old classics on a routine basis. Multiple movie channels and specialty networks cater to these interests and are available as part of bundles offered by every major cable and Internet provider.

TV networks are constantly rotating their lineup of classic movies and films, while streaming services can host the same lineups for years at a time. Subsequently, viewers in search of endless variety should look to a cable bundle to satisfy their diverse viewing interests. A little luck and a lot of channels are critical when it comes to finding new favorites.

Extra options include more opportunities to save

While the extended cable bundle and the channel flipping experience still have plenty to offer, they are just one of many reasons for consumers to investigate a new cable bundle. After all, these deals from cable and internet providers can help families save money on phone and wireless access. It makes sense to consider ways to cut costs on these monthly bills if you’re also in the market for a bigger selection of cable channels. Compare the costs of all the providers in your area to find the right bundle at a fair price.