Allconnect statistics shows October is not the scariest month of the year

While October can be scary, home security interest peaks in December, according to a new study by Allconnect, a national leader in connecting consumers with essential home services.

Consumers spend an average of $13 Billion on home security each year, according to Fierce Cable. In contrast, they shell out $7 billion for just one day of trick-or-treating according to the National Retail Federation. South Dakota consumers are six times more likely to show interest in home security vs. consumers in Florida who are the least concerned. Charlotte, North Carolina, is the city most concerned with security, while Fort Worth, Texas, is the least.

In terms of overall home services spending, security is the cheapest bill at $38 a month, followed by phone ($41), Internet ($47), TV ($58), and Double Play (2 or more items at $90). Consumers spend the most on triple plays ($129), which combines TV, Internet and phone.

All data, with the exception of the annual spend on home security and annual spend on Halloween are based on internal, proprietary Allconnect 2014-15 customer data.

Home Security Infographic

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