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Allconnect Featured on Lifehacker “Ask an Expert” About Saving Money on Energy Bills

As we’ve talked about quite a bit on our blog, there are a variety of ways you can cut your energy usage to save money on your monthly bills. And earlier this week, Allconnect’s own VP of Marketing, Rob Caiello, hopped into the digital hot seat to answer energy-related questions from good folks all across the internet.

Rob Caiello

Rob touched on a number of topics during his Q&A, including switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, installing smart thermostats in your home, and becoming more conscious of your energy usage. Here are some highlights of the cost-saving answers that Rob cranked out.

1) Insulate Your Home

2) Use the Proper Size HVAC System, and Do Maintenance on It

3) Stop Letting Phantom Power Haunt Your Home

And if you’re curious to discover even more wise ways to save and become more energy-efficient, then read the full Q&A session right here: Ask an Expert: All About Saving Money on Your Energy Bill.”

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