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All your devices can become a landline

BY Allconnect | Wed Jul 23, 2014

You can now access home phone services through almost all of your devices. According to Dallas News, Panasonic recently unveiled a new wireless landline phone that you can connect to all of your other devices to make and receive calls. Once you pair your smartphone and tablet to the gadget via your Wi-Fi network, both will have access to your home phone number.

The KX-PRW120W serves as a wireless landline, Wi-Fi repeater (to extend your service range) and as a hub for all of your telecom needs. This is extremely beneficial because you won’t have to worry about missing calls if you lose your phone. Instead, you can just pick up your tablet or smartphone, assuring you that anyone who calls your house can reach you.

As the world becomes more and more connected, we’ve splintered off into dozens of different devices. This has made everything a bit more complicated than it needs to be. With this new landline phone, we’re moving closer and closer to a time when we’ll have a single device for everything.

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