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Airbnb shows you available internet speed before you book

Robin Layton

Nov 17, 2021 — 2 min read

A host can now test and add their space's Wi-Fi speeds in the listing.

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Even on a holiday getaway, it’s hard to completely disconnect from the digital world. Vacation rental giant Airbnb recognized this and made it easy for owners to share with potential guests what type of internet is available in their space.

Hosts have been able to manually add internet information to their listings, but now, according to an Airbnb, “Hosts can test their listing’s connection speed right within the Airbnb app, and easily have their Wi-Fi speed information posted on their listing page, making their listings more appealing to guests looking for connected stays.”

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Understanding your Wi-Fi speed test result

Internet speed is often a confusing measurement, but Airbnb provides an easy-to-understand explanation that owners can share with their guests as well:

Speeds and what they mean for guests

0 Mbps

  • No Wi-Fi available.
  • You either don’t have Wi-Fi or can’t connect. Try rebooting your router or moving to another space in your property.

1 – 6 Mbps

  • Your Wi-Fi is fairly slow.
  • Guests can check messages and browse the web.

7 – 24 Mbps

  • Solid Wi-Fi speed.
  • Guests can stream HD videos.

25 – 49 Mbps

  • Snappy Wi-Fi speed.
  • Guests can stream 4K videos and join video calls.

50+ Mbps

  • Wow! Fast Wi-Fi speed
  • Guests can stream 4K videos and join video calls on multiple devices.

Wrapping up

Airbnb does qualify that this feature is only available on iOS and Android and isn’t available in some countries and regions.

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