Top Tech-Savvy Gifts to Keep Mom Connected this Mother’s Day

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri May 12, 2017
Top Tech-Savvy Gifts to Keep Mom Connected this Mother’s Day

In case you forgot, Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Now, for everything mom’s done for you, she’s surely earned something in return. She’s been there from day one – literally. And while a simple call, card, candy, or bouquet is the traditional gift of thanks for her years of dedication, maybe it’s time for you to step it up, huh? After all, it’s 2017 and moms are more connected and tech-savvy than ever. So, here a handful of gifts that’ll keep you connected to mom far longer than those wilting flowers can.

Gifts for Mom She’ll Love (But Still Not as Much as She Loves You)

#1) Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise-Cancelling Headphones

bose headphones
Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

When you were growing up, mom had to constantly listen to you ask (or cry) for something, make sure you were still breathing while you were sleeping in the other room, or hear Barney or Sesame Street echoing non-stop in the background. But now, when she wants some peace and quiet, you can actually give it to her.

Let mom shut out the world for a bit and lose herself in her music with the first in-ear, noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. Bose’s cutting-edge technologies provide dramatic noise cancellation rivaling any full-sized headphone on the market today. And these are engineered to let her enjoy better sound every day, everywhere she goes.

Mom can turn on the headphones to reduce surrounding distractions and focus on her own audio. Or, at the touch of a button, she can activate “Aware Mode” and boost the sound of what’s happening around her. This feature amplifies mid-range external sounds – things like people talking – without mom ever having to remove her headphones.

In addition, the company’s proprietary Stay Hear+ tips create a soft, secure fit for long-lasting comfort and stability. The inline microphone and remote let you switch to calls on your iPhone, and provide control for select iPod, iPhone, and iPad models. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 16 hours of use, and you get a 3-hour advance notice, by way of a flashing light, before the battery runs out.

And even when the power is off or the battery runs out, you can still use these headphones to enjoy Bose quality sound. They’re also wonderful for when mom just wants to shut out the world so she can hear her baby clearly when he calls home.

#2) Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle (including Black Kindle Voyage 6″ E-Reader, Amazon Leather Cover, and Power Adapter)

kindle voyage
Kindle Voyage Essentials Bundle including Kindle Voyage 6″ E-Reader

Think about the last time mom had a real vacation. Time off was probably hard to come by, you know, with raising you and all. So, why not give her a digital passport to the next-best thing: literature. With a Kindle Voyage, mom can now go on adventures anytime, anywhere – without having to lug around a big, old, paper tome to keep her entertained. And this bundle includes everything she’d need to travel – the latest Kindle Voyage 6” E-Reader, a Leather Origami Cover, and the 5W Power Adapter.

Amazon’s thinnest Kindle ever was passionately crafted for readers. Its high-resolution 300ppi display screen reads even more like the printed page. The new, adaptive front light provides ideal brightness, day or night, and this auto-brightness setting can also be manually adjusted. In size, the Voyage is slightly smaller than other e-readers on the market, making it easier for mom to slip into her pockets. And with the new PagePress feature, Amazon has reimagined how we flip pages. Mom now simply has to press or squeeze the bottom of the device’s edges and, voila, her pages have turned – all without ever lifting a finger. It’s not a button, but a pressure sensor, and it comes with three settings for sensitivity.

Beyond that, the Voyage’s battery lasts for weeks, not hours. It also comes pre-loaded with a free, 30 day-trial of Kindle Unlimited free, allowing mom to choose from over 1 million titles to entertain and enlighten herself. And with respect to the Origami Protective Leather Cover, it’s beautiful, it’s slick, and it’s comfortable to hold. Not only does it protect the Voyage, but it’s also really convenient as a stand, which is great for propping up the Kindle when reading while eating. And the cover’s best feature is that it attaches to the Voyage magnetically, making it super easy for mom to detach and reattach it on those on-the-run adventures.

#3) LifeBEAM Smart Visor with Integrated Heart Rate Monitor

lifebeam smart visor
LifeBEAM Smart Visor with Integrated Heart Rate Monitor

Every mom deserves some alone time – a chance to get in touch with her own heart and breath, to take a run and re-center herself. And with the LifeBEAM Smart Visor, she can quickly and easily wear another hat – one that’s specifically designed to help her run circles around her to-do lists.

Sometimes mom wants a little sun, a little shade, and a lot of performance measurement. And that’s exactly why LifeBEAM created the Smart Visor. This comfortable and classy wearable piece of fashionable technology will measure mom’s heart rate, cadence, and calorie consumption, and then transmit that performance data to her favorite application or device.

With this professional Dri-Fit hat design, there’s no more need for an annoying and obtrusive chest strap to monitor mom’s heart rate. And the advanced optical sensor – combined with the dual module transmitter boasting Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity – mom can run in bad weather, long events, and hot days, and she’ll still end every run with a consistent and accurate read. And for all the running around you’ve had her doing throughout the years, she would likely be happy with you helping to upgrade her running with this smart visor.

So as you think about what your mom would appreciate from you as a token of your appreciation for her, keep these gifts in mind!

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