6 Stunning Upcycling Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Apr 16, 2016
6 Stunning Upcycling Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

The change of season is upon us and the first signs of spring are starting to show! As the days lengthen and the sun gets stronger it’s time to think of how you can bring those fresh feelings of spring into your home.

Upcycling is a great way to turn tired, unwanted household items into beautiful new pieces at a fraction of the retail price. You’ll be surprised by what you can create with everyday objects you having lying around the house.16

Below are six upcycling project ideas from Cif to help inspire your creative side to add a fresh touch and invigorate your home for spring.

Project No 1. Turn an Old Wire Waste Bin into a Modern Side Table

Create a new look for your bedroom, living room, or front hall by adding a modern side table created from an old wire waste bin. Simplistic and practical — this table is the perfect way to dress up an empty corner and add a fresh element to a room for spring.

Have fun with the colors you paint the wire bin and base – try vibrant colors that brighten the room. Once painted, simply attach the wooden base to the bottom of the bin, flip it over and reveal your new table.

side table

Project No 2. Create an Elegant Cake Stand Using a Tea Set

Impress your dinner guests or add an elegant touch to your kitchen or dining area by repurposing an unwanted tea set into a stunning tiered cake stand.

Use matching cups and plates to create a beautifully elegant stand, or opt for a funkier look by combining pieces of different design and size.

Simply stack and attach the cups and saucers together using strong glue and voilà, your new cake stand is ready!


Project No 3.Craft Beautifully Simple Candle Holders Using Extra Mason Jars and Sand

Spring means spending more time outside and enjoying lovely evenings on your back porch with family and friends. Use any extra Mason jars you have lying around to create simple, modern looking candle holders to complement the bright mood and add light late into the evening.

Fill the jars with sand to create a sturdy and protective base. Experiment with different colored sand for a unique and bright look and consider using a citronella candle to ward off pesky mosquitos.

rustic candle

Project No. 4. Build a Sophisticated Centerpiece Out of a Retired Cake Tin  

An old candlestick and cake tin may seem like an odd match, but they are the perfect materials for creating your own upcycled centerpiece.

Perfect for holding flowers, candles, or fruit this piece is the perfect spring addition to your table.

First drill a hole into the cake tin and attach it to the candle holder. Once again, color is key to this project. Get creative when picking a color and aim for one that adds both a ‘springy’ splash of color as well as an air of elegance.


Project No. 5 Construct a Stylish Hanging Rack Using Unwanted Utensils

Redress a wall in your kitchen and keep dish towels and aprons within reach by building a unique hanging rack using mismatched utensils and a plank of wood.

The size, color and finish of the wood is up to you – whether you opt for a rustic unfinished look or a smooth and brightly painted piece, the end result will undoubtedly add a fresh and stylish touch to the room.

Once you have your piece of wood, carefully drill holes into the folded utensils and attach using screws. Mount onto the wall with a strong hook and display brightly patterned or colored towels and aprons.

Hanging rack

Project No. 6 Transform a Burnt Out Lightbulb into a Low-Maintenance Mini Terrarium  

Bring the freshness of nature inside without the hassle of regular waterings. Build your own mini terrarium to house little succulents using nothing more than an old burnt out lightbulb.

First, carefully clear out the inner workings of the bulb and give it a quick wash to remove any remaining dirt. Next, add silicon bumpers to the bottom of the bulb to create a stand or attach a string for a hanging piece. Lastly, fill the bulb with sand; add your succulent of choice and your mini landscape is complete!


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