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Smart Apartment Design Choices that Will Completely Change Your Space

In our modern world, a regular apartment is not a place people usually think of as being very spacious. Most of us live in small apartments with small storage spaces and almost no room for luxurious interior design ideas. But apartment design doesn’t have to be like that!

There are lots of ingenious ideas that can transform any shoe-box apartment into a beautiful space that offers the impression of light and elegance. Even better, by combining the right textures with the right type of furniture, a small apartment can be both functional and beautiful.

Eliminate Storage Space from the Visual Area

Nothing makes you feel more like you live in a closet than actually seeing the storage space out in the open. If you choose the furniture wisely, then you’ll be able to camouflage most of your storage area eye sores with furniture that looks like something other than just storage.

For example:

  • Use a vintage trunk as both a coffee table and storage space. The trunk is big enough to fit in clothes and other small items that are usually around all the time.
  • A fluffy ottoman (hollow on the inside), is the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere and gain a bit more storage space.
  • Use a decorative basket to hold extra blankets and linens
  • Raise your bed above the ground to make room for extra storage. You can then purchase plastic bins that  easily slide in and out from under your bed.
  • Add wall shelving. By maximizing your wall space, you are able to move objects off the ground, which gives the appearance of less clutter and more square footage.

Use Modern Appliances

If the apartment is small, chances are the kitchen is not too big either. Modern appliances are slimmer, more elegant and they can be easily incorporated into the furniture. A well-organized kitchen with every bit of space integrated and functional will definitely change the aspect of your apartment.

The best part is that, besides giving an impression of space, modern appliances are a bit smarter than we know them to be. You will not only bring elegance into your home, you will also bring new technology and extra comfort!

Opt for Big furniture

If you want your home to be both comfy and luxurious, big furniture is the way to go! It seems a bit counter-intuitive to use big furniture in small spaces, but it actually helps give the illusion of a bigger space. Decorating a small space with small furniture only makes it look cluttered. For instance, a small love seat can often bring more attention to the fact that the space is small, while larger pieces offer the impression of space and make your room feel more cozy.

Mix & Match Styles

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Nothing says modern more than a space that implements a few of the latest trends in interior design. Nothing says modern more than a space that implements a few of the latest trends in interior design. The smartest choices include combining lots of natural light with interesting textures and bold colors on your walls. An accent wall offers the illusion of depth and creates a rich, stylish atmosphere to the entire room. The trick is to know  how to choose the right color so it will be elegant without creating an eyesore.

Don’t be afraid of shelves

Shelves are the smartest solution to creating an interesting, open, modern and elegant design combination in a small space. Try to install small shelves that match the style you applied in the room. Vintage pieces are great at creating value and adding style to the room. Not only do shelves create more space, they also allow you to show off your style by showcasing decorative pieces or artwork.

We are influenced by the living spaces we create, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Play with small space storage ideas, but always include your personal touch in the design. This is the only way to create a stunning apartment space that will feel organized and open yet warm and cozy.

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