3 reasons this fall is a bad time to go without television

BY Allconnect | Fri Sep 18, 2015
3 reasons this fall is a bad time to go without television

One of the biggest frustrations that television lovers can experience is a drought in quality programming. Consumers are even more likely to consider dropping their cable service when their channel selection seems starved for engaging content across the board. TV watchers can fret no more: The summer slush of reruns has ended and new and returning hits are headed back to the weekly rotation on a television near you. From exciting historical dramas to new takes on beloved characters, the fall of 2015 is a prime time for television lovers to glue themselves back to the couch.

Cable providers regularly promote special rates for cable TV and Internet bundles during the fall as the weather outdoor begins to cool and consumers turn their eyes back toward indoor entertainment. You’ll find potential great deals by comparing your local cable providers and a lineup of enticing programming if you decide to get back into television this September.

Park yourself on the couch as summer comes to a close.
Park yourself on the couch as summer comes to a close.

1. New and returning shows worth the subscription
Longtime of fans of critically acclaimed cable television won’t be canceling their subscription anytime soon. Two cultural phenomenon, the BBC’s Dr. Who and AMC’s Walking Dead, are headed into their respective 9th and 6th seasons this fall. If new adventures with the unpredictable Doctor and his engaging cast of companions aren’t enough to lure in cable viewers, the continued struggle of Rick Grimes and his son Carl against the zombie apocalypse are sure to whet the appetite of content starved TV enthusiasts.

New seasons of old favorites aren’t the only attraction cable has for TV lovers this fall, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Hockey fans are sure to get into IFC’s Benders, a new sitcom following the adventures of a group of friends who take their amatuer hockey league a little too seriously. BBC America’s The Last Kingdom, based on the popular Saxon Stories series by Bernard Cornwell, will be sure to tide over swords and shield play addicts until the next season of Game of Thrones starts. Fans of the prolific camp horror series Evil Dead will be delighted to know that Ash Vs Evil Dead, a new Bruce Campbell project that explores the titular character’s monster-thrashing lifestyle following the events of the films, premiers on Starz.

2. Network programming guaranteed to dominate social media
While cable television has plenty of fixes for a wide variety of viewer tastes, those who love to stay in the know will have their hands full keeping up with all the hot new and returning shows scheduled to premiere on network television this fall. One uniquely ambitious and highly anticipated show headed to network television in October is the CW’s weekly musical comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The fresh project stars Rachel Bloom as a career woman in love and heading into (hopefully) entertaining madness.

USA Today noted that audiences should also keep their eye out for The Grinder, a Fox sitcom that brings together fan favorites Rob Lowe and Fred Savage as a pair of brothers managing a law firm. Savage plays a practicing lawyer whose brother, a famous TV lawyer played by Lowe, joins the family business. The show premiers in late September.

“Fall of 2015 is prime time for TV lovers to glue themselves to the couch.”

No rundown of 2015’s fall line-up would be complete without mentioning The Muppets, premiering on ABC in September. Entertainment Tonight said that the new mockumentary follows comedic greats like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear as they manage the behind-the-scenes chaos that always comes with running a successful variety show. The epic breakup between Kermit and Piggy has been covered extensively by social media, and this nostalgia-packed series will continue the Muppets tradition of featuring A-list celebrities on a weekly basis. This perfect storm of of big-name guest star appearances and shameless nostalgia is sure to be a hit come September 22.

3. Sports fans can catch all the action with a new package
Sports fans without a cable package will find themselves simultaneously up a creek without a paddle this season as they try to keep up with college sports, NHL, NBA and NFL action all season long. Between access to ESPN and an extensive list of extra viewing options made possible by cable providers, continuing cable is likely to be a no brainer for sports fans headed into the fall of 2015.

Whether you’re waiting to watch the Golden State Warriors defend their 2014 championship or interested in following what has already proven to be a drama-filled season of football, a call to your cable provider this fall is likely in order. This is just a short selection of television shows premiering or renewed for the fall season. TV lovers will find that the list of reasons to keep or upgrade their cable package this year is quite extensive.

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