High-speed Internet has become a near necessity for students in the United States

BY Allconnect | Tue Aug 11, 2015
High-speed Internet has become a near necessity for students in the United States

Access to the Internet has become so vital to the daily workflow of American industry that the Obama administration pushed to standardize high-speed connections in schools across the country. According to The Hill, President Obama debuted his first broadband initiative in 2013, and subsequently pushed for the FCC to attach Internet subsidies for public schools to the legislation. Recent reports confirm that the initiative is well on its way to meeting its five-year goal.

The push from the very top of our government to expand access to high-speed Internet reflects just how important the resource has become to our nation’s students. It’s important for parents to recognize that access to high-speed Internet is as vital at home as it is on campus, and that kids without the same resources as their peers risk falling behind. Read on to learn more about the numerous advantages that speedy access to the World Wide Web holds for our kids.

High-speed connections make multimedia resources more accessible
A reliable Internet connection is slowly but surely becoming a basic necessity to a child’s education. According to The Atlantic, many schools are replacing worksheets and textbooks with project-based assignments that depend on students having ready access to the Internet. Thuan Nguyen, assistant superintendent of the Kent School District in Kent, Washington, pointed out the cost of such innovation: “You kind of need the Internet for all those pieces to work well. If you’re not able to provide that last level of connectivity, you’ve now widened the gap in terms of what kids can do, not to mention the expectation around that.”

Internet security is just as important for kids as rapid access.

As the types of online media assigned to children becomes more complex, such as 4K quality video or galleries of high resolution images, faster Internet speeds will become necessary for kids to finish their homework. Parents can prepare their kids for the classroom of the future by upgrading their broadband connection today. Thankfully, upgrading your service is as easy as getting in touch with your local cable and Internet provider and paying a slightly higher bill each month.

Messaging programs and video chat help bring the classroom home
One of the most important parts of participating in a classroom environment is how the experience teaches kids to connect and collaborate with their peers. A high-speed Internet connection makes it easy for students to bring those connections to the living room for group projects and study sessions. Whether students are scanning and swapping notes over email, practicing a presentation over voice-chat or exchanging details via a group messenger program, they’ll need sufficient Internet performance to get their group work accomplished.

These type of Internet-dependent projects are very similar to the type of work that students will be expected to perform in college on a daily basis. Getting kids up to speed on all the educational uses for the World Wide Web early on will put them at an advantage when they move on from high school. Providing yourself with time to master these applications will also provide you with a new tool to connect with your kids once they head off to college.

Video-conferencing can facilitate dialogues between teachers and parents
The life of a parent is a hectic one, and making time to fit in parent-teacher conferences can seem impossible when trying to balance a long list of other extracurricular activities. Thankfully, access to a high-speed Internet connection can assist in this regard. More schools are now taking advantage of video-conferencing technology, making it considerably easy for parents and teachers to engage in face-to-face conversation. Communication is more regular and natural when teachers and parents have direct access to one another, and this constructive dialogue can contribute greatly to a child’s scholastic success.

“A robust Internet connection can help students do a substantial amount of learning.”

Online resources help remote students feel less distant
In cases where children are unable to attend class for extended periods or students in remote areas need access to more educational resources, high-speed Internet access can be their ticket to success. Being able to connect with tutors and classmates long-distance via video chat is just one of many ways that a robust Internet connection can help students do a substantial amount of learning from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

With the nation’s schools on quick trajectory toward comprehensive Internet access, it’s only a matter of time before kids will need a dependable Internet connection waiting for them when they arrive home from school. Think of faster Internet as an investment in your child’s future. Thankfully, your local cable and Internet provider has plenty of tempting bundle options that can help you ramp up Internet speed and enjoy a wider access of entertainment options from the couch.

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